Microsoft is Pushing Edge Browser on its Windows 10 Users

Microsoft is testing a new change to its future version of Windows 10, which will probably irk in using the OS. There are some small improvements have been made in Preview build of Windows 10 which can be accepted. One of them is related to Edge browser.

The addition of HEFF (high-efficiency file format) that lets you easily save and view photos or videos from the web, along with a safer removal process for people using external GPUs. When scrolling down, near the bottom of the patch notes for build 17623, there’s a bullet point that says Insiders on the Skip Ahead ring – In your mail app, click on any Hyperlink would open in Edge, whether you like it or not. Edge browser will go as a default browser on Windows 10.

Microsoft claims that Edge browser provides the best, secure, and consistent experience on Windows 10. With built-in features for reading, note-taking, Cortana integration, and access to services such as SharePoint and OneDrive, Microsoft Edge enables you to be more productive, organized and creative without sacrificing your battery life.

The process becomes lighter and faster, which will provide the users with a better experience when accessing Microsoft Edge browser in Windows Defender Application Guard. With Windows Defender System Guard, Microsoft is making a platform in security with memory integrity by default.

Right now, you may be checking your screen whether its Apple kind of iOS. Because, when you click on macOS Mail app, Ex: Apple still goes with your default web browser since iOS is different from others.

In a way, we can say Microsoft is trying to stay advanced than Apple, which will disappoint the user. Edge is a totally fine browser and appreciated for its lightweight when compared with Chrome. People who like Edge probably have made it as their default browser and the rest of the users are forced who might not feel the same.

Microsoft is trying to convince Windows 10 users to switch from Chrome to Edge but still, these efforts don’t work enough the user to switch. Still, this is a part of Windows 10 Insider Program and not an official release considering people complain about its use.

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