Microsoft to put a permanent hault on the lightweight Windows 10 S as a seperate SKU, instead will be offering “S mode” in all Windows 10 versions

Just after the Microsoft announced Windows 10 S, it was very much clear that this SKU will be going to make the company go nuts, as it didn’t fit well in the lineup of Microsoft.

Windows 10 S

Windows 10 S was designed to compete with Google’s Chrome operating system.Microsoft originally made the announcement that the Windows 10 S is designed for the education-related purpose which will be confined to run the Microsoft store apps.

Now, The software giant is planning to make some modifications by putting a brief halt on Windows 10 S being sold as a separate product from this year. Neowin and Thurrott’s Brad Sam spotted that the firm is planning to replace the Windows 10 S with a new “S mode” for all Windows 10 versions (Home and pro).

Windows 10 Home and Pro will get the New S Mode

This S mode will vitally lock down the copies of Windows 10 so as to run the Microsoft store applications, which is exactly similar to the job done by the Windows 10 S operating system.

Users will be able to upgrade their PCs to full-fledged to the other versions of Windows 10 i.e., Home and Pro. This will not cause any hindrance to the Home and Education users, as they will be getting the similar environment as they used to get from the Windows 10 S. Upgradation will be free of cost for the Windows 10 Home and Education users, but it will cost around $49 to users of Pro version which is similar to the cost they are paying now.

Thurrott reports that 60 percent of Windows 10 S users are stuck with it, even when they are having a chance of switching to Windows 10 Pro free of cost. It is observed that the Windows 10 S users who didn’t switch their version to Home or Pro within a span of 1 week then 83 percent of them remain sticking with the 10 S.

Well, It wasn’t quite surprising or shocking to hear about Windows 10 S’ replacement, as Windows insiders reported that there is a switch to 10 Pro from 10 S just a news to the Microsoft’s Insider builds. It was further confirmed by Redmond in the recent builds. Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar wrote then, “This change is by design and these PCs will continue to function as Windows 10 S PCs”.

The company’s main aim is to have more users to receive the devices with the S mode enabled. This strategy is of great risk and thus will require a good deal of communication between the Microsoft and Its several PC partners to avoid any kind of confusion. Well, now it all depends on whether OEMs ship devices with S mode enabled or not.

Well, we all will get to know more about Window’s 10 S’s new role as Microsoft’s new Windows release comes closer with every passing day.


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