Microsoft finally reacted of Last Update field which they removed earlier

Microsoft store

Microsoft removed the “Last updated” date from the listing of Windows Store apps. This change from Microsoft was never explained by them. But it was assumed that the apps were not being updated in years or say late updates were the reason behind that.

But another move have been made by Microsoft today, by  acknowledging that knowing apps have been recently updated is an important and attractive feature for Windows Store users.

The above screenshot shows that some  some Windows Store users will now be confronted with bright yellow labels saying a new version of an app is now available

This might be a server side change , which may be part of an A/B test by Microsoft or be set to roll out more widely to most users.

After this change we might assume that Microsoft might come back with the Last Updated field, which would, after all, encourage engaged developers to keep their apps fresh, and help users determine whether it is worthwhile investing in an app.

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