Microsoft expands Promotions of Windows Store App

Microsoft made an announcement that they are expanding the “Promote Your App” ad campaigns for Windows App Developers to premium Microsoft Surfaces like, Skype, and as well as games like Microsoft Solitare.

With this move by Microsoft, Developers will be able to Promote their Apps to a variety of Audience as the sites like, Skype, and are frequently visited by many users. Microsoft developed an algorithm for this which will not only promote your app but also to the right audience.

Want to use this feature? Follow these steps:

  1. All campaigns that use auto-targeting will be universal campaigns bydefault. To use auto-targeting, make sure Automatic is selected for the Audience section of your campaign settings in the Dev Center dashboard.
  2. If you wish to create a manually targeted campaign, make sure you choose Universal for the Surface setting in the Audience section of your campaign.

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Source: MS Poweruser

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