Microsoft ends its Groove Music Streaming Service

Microsoft has officially ended its Groove Music Streaming Service across all platforms.

Last year in the month of October, Microsoft announced that it is winding down support for its “Groove Music Pass”. The company also mentioned that all the features related to streaming and purchasing content via Groove Music App will be discontinued.

Groove Music debuted in 2015 with the release of Windows 10, but failed to gain attention among the strong competition. This eventually led Microsoft to shut-down the service from 31st December, 2017.

Till 2nd January, Groove Music was fully operational. The online working of the app have been shut-down completely. No music can be streamed through Groove app, no songs can be purchased from Microsoft Store and music video playback is gone.

Radio, Explore as well as Recommended features of the app are also removed. If you check Microsoft Store app on Windows 10, music tab will be found missing.

If users still wish to use Groove App then it can be used only for local playback via local drive or OneDrive. Still users can shift to other streaming services if they wish to enjoy a Fully Fledged music experience.


Now the interesting thing to know is, Microsoft is recommending users to switch to Spotify. The partnership between two companies allows users to migrate between services.

Now what we need to see is if this was a good move by Microsoft. Comment below and let us know your views on this topic. Which streaming service do you prefer?

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Source: Windows Central

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