Windows Insiders have been impatient for a new Insider Preview build to be pushed out but the last build was pushed in December which was Build 14986.
The release was later followed by the holiday season .

Now, Insiders were expecting an official release this week too but Dona Sarkar listed the issues and addressed the Insiders . Her official statement says :

Many of you have been asking about getting a new build this week.
Unfortunately, we don’t have a good candidate to release to you right
now. We have hit an issue with N + 1 updates (the update path going
forward from one build to another). We have a commitment to never leave
our community in a bad state if we can help it. We certainly don’t want
to release a build that would leave Insiders stuck and requiring a
reinstall of Windows to get back into a good state.

The good news is that the issue is fixed now and a future build will be free from this bug as the internal testing shows :

We believe we have solved the issue and are pushing new builds out
through our internal rings right now to test the solution. If everything
looks good, we hope to have a new build for you next week.

We believe that a new build is coming in just a few days (maybe Tuesday) . Fingers are still crossed though .

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