Microsft Garage’s new project ‘Email Insights’

A new project by Microsoft Garage was revealed yesterday. “Email Insights”, a lightweight search client for your email which also comes with super-fast autocomplete,spell correct and fuzzy name search.

Email insights may offer relevance based search results

One of the motivations for building Email Insights was the fact that the
email search experience today lags far behind the web search
experience. A user might search for an email with some keywords and keep
scrolling down the search results to find that elusive email. A user
has to remember the keywords from an email or the spelling of peoples’
names to get to the required email. Moreover, having a complex
application with hundreds of features is an overkill for doing some
quick tasks like send one liner emails.


  1. Light-weight email application focused on search.
  2. Mix of Relevance and Recency based results.
  3. Guided search through Email Autocomplete, Fuzzy person name search.
  4. Commands for quick action.
  5. Tabbed UI for convenience.

For more information, visit here.
Stay tuned for more.

Source: MS Poweruser

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