How MI smartphone exchange offer works

Smartphones are an instant hit because of their capability to do the tasks. Mobiles fit in your palms yet do the complex works like sending emails, calls, GPS and many more. Smartphones exchange is an attractive offer to many mobile users. Technology and specifications of mobiles are upgrading and people will have a chance to upgrade to this exchange offers.

Last year, Xiaomi partnered with Cashify to do MI exchange offer program in stores. That was a huge success. But this year, the process is different. Exchange process can be done on their website

In the website, you will find a dedicated page for exchange purpose. Login with MI account and enter IMEI number. Based on the model of your phone, the website shows the price. If the price is acceptable to the user, then he/she proceeds to next step. Exchange coupon gets credited to their account.

Note: The exchange coupon is valid for 14 days from the time of its generation on the website.

Xiaomi phones can be ordered online. Enter the exchange coupon while checking out. Give your smartphone to the delivery guy at the time of delivery and take the new one. Make sure to remove Google accounts and security passwords before giving.

How MI smartphone exchange offer works


  • Visit this link.
  • Click on the button “Evaluate my phone”
  • Select the brand and model (Exchange is only available for the brands displayed on the website )
  • Proceed to next steps to find out the estimated price tag for your mobile.
  • Enter IMEI number and proceed to final step.
  • Your account gets credited with Exchange coupon.

Mobiles are accepted only if they are in good condition. It is advised to backup personal data to drive or copy files to computer/laptops. Factory resets your smartphone which removes all the accounts, data and reinstalls the operating system.

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