Let’s see which redditor makes the LAMEST Volume Control UI!

Most geeks love computer programming but one can’t do same job for very long, one always needs a break and some programmers are using Reddit to get a bit refreshed themselves. But they are still programmers right?


Well, this all started when Apple announced that they are making changes to its volume controls with iOS 11 and these programmers started to compete on who can make the LAMEST volume control atĀ r/ProgrammerHumor thread . This proves that there are a bunch of bored yet creative people out there :

Made By : ryuzaki_lost/Reddit

One that adjusts the volume depending upon the Light Sensors on the MacBook .

Made By : TheSteganographer/Reddit

This is because, Roll the dice never goes out of the style .

Made By : kittens_from_space/Reddit

The computer will be as loud as you! šŸ™‚

Made By : NeverMakesMistkes/Reddit

BecauseĀ My Controller, My Rules!

Made By : BMJ/Reddit

Someone loves projectile!

As we can see, these simple things are so much fun and obviously, people are creative!



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