It has not been very long that Microsoft has succeeded to stay quiet when talked about Windows 10 Mobile and Windows phone plans. We saw Windows phones being not mentioned much as compared to iOS and Android devices at Microsoft’s own developers’ conference¬†Build 2017¬†.

Well, the above picture and the whole leak was sourced by Windows Central. They reported about various changes and improvements that Microsoft has been working on for Windows 10 Mobile OS making it identical with respect to the functionality to Windows 10 on PC.

The changes found are as listed below. Please make sure that they are internally being developed and tested and may subject to change :

  • Landscape Start Screen.
  • PC like Action Center on Phone.
  • Large Live tile for phone start screens.
  • Context Menus.
  • Apps can run in Window Mode in Continuum.
  • Project Neon elements are functional while the device is working with Continuum .

You can watch their video demoing the upcoming CShell features here :

Also, if you can’t watch the video as of now but are really excited, check out the pictures below . ūüôā

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As we can see that these features were highly anticipated by Windows Phone fans but personally, I think these features are not consumer focused but are purely for Enterprise use only. Hence, we can take this leak as a grain of salt as we don’t confirm availability when/if released.


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