4 Things You Should Know About Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is one of the most advancements in the field of science and technology. No matter how much we hear about it, still nanotechnology remains a bit of a mystery itself. Certainly, we can’t see it or feel it because nanotechnology is the manipulation of a matter on an atomic, molecular, and supermolecular scale.

Basically, the branch which deals with tolerance and dimensions of less than 1000 nanometers, especially the manipulation of individual molecules and atoms. Scientist’s are saying that nanotechnology will be in our medicine, isn’t it a bit weird that something that is the only nanometer and it’s saving our life.

Things we must know about nanotechnology


  1. One day it might even save your life.

The main area where it will be used is medicine. For example, if we take cancer, many of different treatments are being developed to attack tumors at the cellular level. Research has shown some promising results when they tested gold nanoparticles against some variety of cancer.

  1. You might even be touching it right now!

No matter what device you are using or what device you are using right now to read this article because probably your are Indirectly using nanotechnology. Processors and memory components which are made with the help of nanotechnology are common in the market today.

  1. It might in your clothes as well

Since the early 2000’s nanotechnology is also being used in clothes. The fashion industry has been using nanotechnology in fabrics as well. No matter who different the shopping public displays towards the t-shirt powered a smartphone.

  1. Often a form of biomimicry
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Everyone wants a pant that won’t absorb water. Or consider safety gear for all the sloppy eaters. The textile industry is trying to develop something which is called effective stain proof fabric.

Moral of the story is that science is making life simpler and simpler for cat burglars. It is not fully explored we barely know what it is capable of. A lot of developments and there are a lot of possibilities that could come straight from nature. The important part is to design products in such a way that it won’t harm the living world.

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