Instagram prioritizes newer posts after user complaints

Instagram became the fasting growing platform for social influencers and other people. Now Instagram has started to fulfill the need of its users and is listening to them. Due to that once again the highest priority is given to the newer posts. But Instagram’s feed changes now to newer posts every time.

In 2016 Instagram had changed its algorithm, which would display only the things it through the user might see. But now as per the request of the user’s Instagram has changed its algorithm. 70% of the posts were not available for the users. As per the new algorithm Instagram’s feed changes. And the new post will be available for the first and that won’t miss any new post updates.

Instagram announced about this update, now if the post is several days older as well it will also be shown if the user hasn’t seemed it. Now the Instagram’s feed changes and will be fresh every time and the previous posts will not be missed. The company had said the above in their blog post.

But very old contents will not appear in the feed as a spokesperson said about this to CNN. The spokesperson also mentioned that this is not a reverse chronological feed either it’s not a method which they are testing.

About the viral app

Instagram’s feed changes

A social media app named Vero went viral for its feature of showing the content in order of it’s upload time unlike the feeds of Instagram. Users even like that app because it doesn’t have any advertisement.

Recently Instagram’s are filled with the advertisement, an advertisement is more than the feed posts and Instagram’s feed changes to advertisement now.

Instagram also said that it’s testing the ‘New Posts’ button so that users can manually update or refresh the feeds whenever they need it. In the next few months still, more improvements will be done to the feeds.

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