Indians, the Government is watching your lavish lifestyle (via UIDAI)!

We all take our vacations to time some time off the real life and relax at one of the tourist attractions in exploration of something new . We usually have privacy of what we do, how we spend our money and stuff . Yet, we do not hesitate from sharing the latest pictures or details of our experience on the Internet on our ‘personal’ profile .

Bloomberg reports that the Government of India is working internally with L&T (Larson & Turbo) on a secret project called Project Insight . This project aims to scan the social media posts of the users, link them with their Aadhar details which is already linked to their bank accounts and analyze their tax payments with respect to their income, expenditure and tax payment records in their massive databases which can in return be used to harm the citizens by the evil.

This is turning out to be violating our privacy and L&T is not issuing any statements regarding the same .

Looking at the brighter side, this move is mandatory and good for a common man who is not guilty as it will help the government catch the black money holders .

What do you think about this initiative from the Government of India? Does it already chills up some spine? Let us know in the comments below!


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