More than 22,000 Indian websites hacked in span of 8 months

Brilliant people with bad intentions are termed as Hackers. Security systems should be up to date. If not, applications will be prone to hackers. Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) works under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

CERT-In reports revealed shocking facts. Hackers hacked 22,207 Indian websites in the period from April 2017 to January 2018.

Indian websites hacked in span of 8 months

Indian Websites Hacked

The list includes 114 government portals. Hackers used more than 493 websites to spread the malware. Websites take the data from servers and displays on site. Updating Security protocols in regular intervals is mandatory.

The job of hackers is to find vulnerabilities, insert malware to parent systems. They have capabilities to create the entrance for viruses. Government must consider this as very serious issue and implement effective measures.


One simple example to consider is a website that provides download links of songs in mp3 format. As we discussed, websites retrieve the information from servers. All the songs are present in servers. The primary goal of Hackers is to spread malware to most of the computers.

They select popular websites. Hackers inject the virus into servers. when a person downloads the file from website, virus settles in his PC.

In General, People share files among friends, cousins etc. Sharing of infected files result in spreading of virus.

Effective Measures:

Auditing Government websites and applications before and after hosting is mandatory. This will give a detailed report. Firewall is modified based on the reports. Servers should be taken care of by following security protocols, stated by Minister. He stated that over Rs. 14,099 crores of investment is done on Software technology parks of India(STPI) and Rs. 1,36,781 crores in Special Economic Zones. (SEZ)

Hackers create new ways to enter the system. People should be careful. Personal information, passwords might get in hands of bad people.

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