5 Important Tricks to Improve Smartphone Photography

As we all know smartphones are getting better and better day by day. The cameras in those smartphones are getting more powerful with the smartphones. It’s like having a camera in your pocket all the time. And you can use it at the right place at the right moment. Anyways it takes a fortune for a decent phone camera to capture good snaps. To improve smartphone photography you have to know about the exposure settings, rules for composition, lightning setup etc.

Here are some tips and tricks to improve smartphone photography

improve smartphone photography

1. Close-Up shot

Now a days most of the smartphone will have a wide angle lens, these lenses are great for macro shots. To capture a perfect macro shot, firstly ensure the background is clear with vivid colors and an interesting subject. Eventually with time you’ll improve smartphone photography

2. Golden Hours

The best time to capture some good snaps are somewhere are sunrise and sunset. These are considered as the golden hours. The lights will be softer during this time as the sun will be lower in the sky.

3. Shutter speed experiment

For this it is not necessary that you should know about the f/ stop settings or the ISO settings. You should expect and test different combinations with ISO and f/ stops to get the perfect picture. Every one will have a different combination. This way you can improve smartphone photography.

4. Never capture an empty frame

Every time your snap something try to fill your frame. For some time you need to focus on a certain subject that’s a different case. But when you shooting other pictures try to capture more amount of object and all and try to fill the frame.

5. Always Go With HDR

HDR (High Dynamic Range) it capture the fully lit high contrast scenes. HDR is useful when you are shooting landscapes and all. Most of the smartphone which is available in the market now will have HDR more.

There are a lot of tricks that you can do on you smartphone to get some good snaps. There where just some of the small tricks to improve smartphone photography.

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