Huawei is Reportedly Working on a Foldable Smartphone

Smartphones have evolved so much in the recent years, both in terms of looks and performance. On that note, Huawei, the world’s third-largest smartphone maker is reportedly working on a futuristic device that features a foldable screen.

Notably, there have been a lot of developments, relating to the phones’ bezels, in the recent times. Yes, the phone manufacturers today are inclined towards the fashion of chopping off the bezels. We have seen narrow bezels, ultra-thin bezels, and even devices that came sans side bezels, in the past.

All these advancements eventually resulted in the emergence of a substantially bezel-less phone, the Apple’s iPhone X. However, it still sports a display notch at the top, despite being a bezel-less device. Following this, now numerous Androids phones are in the making, with the same kind of display notch.

While the race goes like this, Huawei’s idea is arguably novel and innovative. A foldable display is basically considered as the oncoming progress, in the smartphone industry. Even many reports we’ve seen lately, suggests that companies, like Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, etc. are already working on it.

But, the foldable endeavor of Huawei is quite compelling, as we got to see a patent of it. The patent has currently surfaced on the official website of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).  However, sources say it was originally filed, back in Sep’17.

As for now, there are no official words from the house of Huawei, regarding its project on the foldable screen. But anyway, we shall not overlook this new patent, as the company has previously hinted its works regarding it.

Yes, earlier in the last year’s October, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, has talked about this. He said that the company is testing a ‘working sample’ of a foldable smartphone. Moreover, he also added that the phone still needs a lot of work to actually come out as a full-fledged device.

Anyhow, let’s not dive into conclusions, until we hear something from the official sources.

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