How to Clear Your Computer’s CMOS Memory to Reset BIOS Settings

CMOS Battery

Full form of CMOS is Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor. It is a small amount of memory located on the motherboard. It saves BIOS settings. Clearing the memory will change the BIOS settings to default. Uses: Experimental changes affecting the computer performance can be reset to default settings. Hardware compatibility problems are solved. You can reset system passwords … Read more

How Do Browser Cookies Work And Should You Be Really Worried About Them

browser cookies

Often when you are browsing through the websites you might have come across the word ‘Cookies’. These are called browser cookies and not the one which we eat. In the internet world, the meaning of the words is quite different from the real world. You might have observed this if you search anything on Amazon … Read more

How to find if your PC/Laptop is infected with Virus

virus malware

Getting infected with the virus is one of the bad situations that can happen. Computer slows down. Applications, folders, files will not respond or open slower than usual. Design changes or access denied message pops up while trying to access files. Most of Anti-virus programs come in two standard versions and are as follows. Free/Trial … Read more