How to Send Videos On Discord 

Disunity is an online voice and text visit application and is well known as well. Additionally, its highlights are past other informing applications, especially in the realm of gaming.

How to Send Videos On Discord

how to send videos on discord

The general purpose of Discord is to unite networks of similar individuals to talk, share thoughts, and have a good time together. What’s more, this isn’t simply restricted to visiting yet now and again you will need to share content, including recordings.

Along these lines, regardless of whether it’s an arrangement of your best gaming minutes that you’ve cautiously altered together. A home film that you need to impart to companions, or simply an interesting clasp that somebody’s sent you that you need to pass on, here we’ll take you through how to send recordings on Discord both on PC and portable, and the probable issues you may confront.

Step by step instructions to send recordings on friction is a simple assignment if you know the right things about how it works. On the off chance that you have a record on this person-to-person communication site. You would discover numerous alternatives for you to make recordings. This isn’t just acceptable because you will show your affection and worry for somebody, yet you can likewise transfer recordings that are exceptionally useful for individuals who can’t convey through text.

You would likewise discover numerous different choices to make recordings that you can use to show different individuals. Assuming you need to have the option to transfer any video, you would discover a lot of alternatives. For example, the ones that would allow you to utilize the video-sharing instrument, so different individuals from the webpage can see the video you transferred and have the option to download it for the survey.

How To Send Videos On Discord PC?

You can send any sort of video on Discord PC with no obstructions. Follow the offered steps to arrive at your objective.

Initially, you simply need to explore the channel or private message where you need to send the video. Simply track down the right choice on the rundown of workers you’re an individual from, or head to your message inbox to discover the client you need to send it to secretly.

When you’re in the correct spot, click on the in addition to (+) symbol that you’ll discover to one side of the chatbox at the lower part of the screen where you’d ordinarily type your message.

You’ll then, at that point simply need to discover the record on your PC and double tap on it. It’ll then, at that point raise a spring up for the video where you can add a remark, which will sit over the video (ideal if you need to give a setting on why you’re sharing it). You can likewise check it as a spoiler – helpful in case you’re sharing a gaming tip however you would prefer not to ruin the story for any individual who’s not arrived at that point yet.

From that point, it’s just about as straightforward as tapping the transfer button. When it’s prepared, the video will be in the talk window for anybody on the worker to watch, or for your companion on the off chance that you’ve sent it secretly. Also, assuming they need to download it, they’ll simply have to tap the download button (a descending confronting bolt) at the upper right of the video.

It’s important that, while Discord will play most video designs, it can’t oversee everything. Assuming you transfer a configuration that Discord isn’t viable with, it will not show a video player – all things being equal, the record will simply be transferred. Others can in any case download it to watch on their gadgets.

Likewise, there’s a severe record-breaking point of 8MB. This isn’t tremendous in any way – while there’s no authoritative document size for video (as it relies upon record type, goal, pressure, and so on) it’s probably not going to be over 60 seconds of film, and could simply be a couple of moments. Assuming the video you need to transfer is more than 8MB, continue perusing beneath to discover how.

How to Send Videos on Discord Mobile

The cycle to send video on Discord Mobile is comparable both with iOS and Android, however with only a couple of minor changes.

First and foremost, you need to explore to either the worker or inbox where you need to share the video. You would then be able to tap the ‘Photograph Selector’ button straightforwardly to one side of the chatbox.

This will open your telephone’s exhibition, yet it’ll just be looking for photographs. You rather need the File Selector, which will be the third symbol along – it appears as though a content record with a collapsed-over corner.

Snap this and it’ll give you the choice to straightforwardly transfer a video from your telephone’s Downloads organizer. To send a video that is put away somewhere else, click on the Expand bolt at the upper left of the menu. This will send you to your telephone’s record route framework where you can discover the video you need.

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Whenever you’ve chosen the video, just hit the blue Send symbol to send your video to the visit. Again you can add a message as an inscription, however this time it’ll simply be in the typical message box instead of a committed remark box before you hit transfer.

How to Send Long Videos on Discord That Are More Than 8MB

So as we’ve said above, there is a record size limit when you’re utilizing a free Discord record of simply 8MB, which isn’t much in any way. There are a couple of ways around this, so take your pick from the one that sounds best for you.

Update to Discord Nitro to Upload 100MB

The primary alternative is conceivably the least difficult however it’s not the least expensive, and that is to pay for a move up to Discord Nitro. The paid adaptation of Discord has a few advantages, one of which is the expanded record transfer size of 100MB. It costs $4.99 each month or $49.99 each year, so in case you’re probably going to be routinely transferring recordings that are lower than this cutoff, it may bode well.

Cut Unwanted Clips/Compress Video with Filmora Video Editor

The subsequent option is to take your video and cut it into pieces, sending them each in turn. This may sound tedious yet with Filmora’s Instant Cutter Tool, it’s truly straightforward.

You should simply open a video in Filmora by tapping the bolt close to Import and afterward picking ‘Import with Instant Cutter Tool’.

This will open the Instant Cutter window where you can click Open File to add your video. From here you can manage your records and fare them in different areas. There are diverse ways that you can do this, and keeping in mind that each is a basic cycle, there are as yet a couple of steps to follow.

For more detail, look at this post for a bit-by-bit guide on the diverse ways you can manage a video in Filmora.

Choice three is to attempt to pack your video size, which might allow you to keep the entire video to the detriment of a portion of the quality. Once more, utilizing Filmora is simple. Yet in addition, once more, there are diverse approaches.

You could edit the video to manage a portion of the information, as the diminished review screen will not be as large a record. You can likewise diminish the goal, or convert your video to a configuration that utilizes less information. You’ll have to test it, however, as changing over to some video configurations may bring about the foggy film.

There are progressed settings you can fiddle with as well, for example, bringing down the edge rate or the piece rate. Once more, instead of go through those alternatives in an epic article here, it’s simpler to make a beeline for a post committed to these means about pack recordings with Filmora.

Transfer to YouTube/Vimeo/Google Drive/Dropbox

The last alternative is to transfer your video to an online player or capacity webpage and connect to it, instead of having Discord have the record. YouTube and Vimeo are the conspicuous choices, however Streamable is another well-known decision too with free participation. YouTube’s most extreme video transfers are 128GB, which is enormous, while different destinations like Streamable cap free records to 500MB per video.

In this way, assuming you need to transfer gigantic documents, you’ll need to conclude whether to pick YouTube or pay for an updated enrollment somewhere else. Any place you have your video when it’s online simply get the connection and glue it into Discord to share your substance.

The solitary disadvantage to this choice is that it prevents different clients from having the option to download the video straightforwardly, and you might have to take a gander at a document sharing option like Dropbox assuming you need to send the real record.

Frequent Asked Question

How to send long recordings on Discord?

Clients most often pose the inquiry of transferring long recordings documents on Discord. Here is the solution to your inquiry; notwithstanding, how about we comprehend as far as possible before making a plunge profundity.

What is the Discord File limit?

Without a doubt, Discord is a broadly helpful device, yet there are some record size constraints in the free form. In Discord, a video up to 8MB can’t be transferred; be that as it may, its paid Nitro plan crushes this breaking point.

What is Discord Nitro?

The top-notch paid strife account is known as conflict Nitro which is accessible for 10$ months to month and 100$ each year. It empowers the clients to transfer enormous documents up to 50MB.


Thus, sending recordings is not any more troublesome at this point. By following the above rules, you can transfer your video content on Discord with a companion or in a gathering talk. What’s more, in case you were stressed over the document size limits, I’ve given you the most ideal arrangements.

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