How to fix netflix error code nw-3-6 Step by Step & process ?

Technology is not immaculate. A multitude of errors happens every now and then.  Particularly in the wake of a difficult day at work when you simply need to sit before your TV, watch Netflix and chill. Irritating, isn’t that so?

Step by Step Instructions to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-3-6:

All things considered, in the event that you see the NW-3-6 error code rather than your cherished TV show or movies, stress not.  We have more than one fix that will assist you with settling the issue.

How to fix netflix error code nw-3-6 Step by Step & process

What’s the NW-3-6 Error Code and How to Fix It?

Before you begin fixing the error, you most likely need to know what this code implies.  Alongside the code, this message will be displayed on your screen:

“We’re having an issue connecting to Netflix. If it’s not too much trouble, attempt again or visit:”

This implies the device you are streaming on can not set up a connection with Netflix.  There is presumably an issue with the Network or the setup. 

Thus, it is either your local internet supplier or an issue with the streaming gadget.  Fortunately, there are a couple of things that you can attempt to tackle this error. 

Here are a few general fixes for anything streaming gadget you are using.

Solution 1: Ensure Your Internet Is Working

Before you do anything more, ensure your router is on and your WiFi streaming device is enabled.

Then, at that point, check if the streaming device is connected to the internet.

Note that you can connect one more device to the WiFi actually to take a look at your sign, also.

In the event that another device approaches the internet, yet your streaming gadget does not, the sign might be excessively feeble.

You might need to consider drawing the streaming gadget nearer to your router.

Solution 2: Restart Your Device

It is conceivable that a brief interruption made your gadget disconnect from the WiFi.  If so, simply wait until it connects once more. On the off chance that the gadget is not disconnected and does not have an internet connection, you can disconnect it physically and connect it once more. 

This may invigorate the connection. You can likewise restart the gadget by switching it off and back on once more and afterwards delaying it until it reconnects to the internet. 

This might work on the grounds that restarting your gadget clears up the cache.

Solution 3: Restart or Reset the Router

Another way is to restart the router or the modem. You can even reset them to default settings, yet ensure you know your passwords before you do as such.

Assuming you have forgotten your username and password, you will have to contact your internet supplier to get them to log you in once more.

Solution 4: Connect the Device Directly to the Modem

Assuming the router is as yet creating problems and restarting it does not help, you might need to skip it through and through.  An Ethernet cable will take care of this issue in a moment.

Connect your gadget directly to the modem and keep away from router issues. Before you do as such, remember to switch off your streaming device.

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Additionally, please turn on the modem first and sit tight for it to set up a connection before you turn on your gadget.

Solution 5: Disconnect the Proxy Server

Assuming you are using a VPN or a proxy server while watching Netflix content, disconnect them and take a stab at connecting to the service without them. They may be causing the error.

Solution 6: Set DNS to Automatic for Gaming Consoles

This solution is a rather specific solution, and you can attempt it assuming you have an Xbox or a PlayStation.

For Xbox, do the following:

Step 1: Observe the Guide button on your regulator and press it.

Step 2: Open Settings.

Step 3: Select System Setting.

Step 4: From that point, select Network Setting and afterwards Configure Network.

Step 5: Track down DNS Settings and select the option.

Step 6: Pick Automatic.

Step 7: Switch off the Xbox and turn it on again, and afterwards, take a stab at getting to Netflix.

For PlayStation, follow the steps beneath

Step 1: Open the primary menu and select Settings.

Step 2: Track down Network Settings, and from that point, pick Internet Connection Settings.

Step 3: From this menu, select Custom.

Step 4: Pick the WiFi or Wired connection option.

Step 5: Under IP Address Setting, pick Automatic.

Step 6: Under DHCP hostname, pick Do Not Set.

Step 7: For DNS Setting and MTU, pick Automatic.

Step 8: For Proxy Server, pick Do Not Use.

Step 9: At the point when you are done, select X to get done and pick Test connection to check whether you have settled the issue.

You can likewise set a static IP address for a smart TV by adhering to these directions

Step 1: Open the Settings menu.

Step 2: Select Network.

Step 3: From that point, pick Network Status.

Step 4: Ensure you write down the data under IP address, Subnet and Gateway.

Step 5: Get back to Network and choose the Set Network on manual option.

Step 6: Type in the data you have typed in the corresponding fields.

Step 7: Type in Google public DNS server under DNS.

Step 8: Have a go at getting to Netflix to check to assume that the fix worked.


Fixing the NW-3-6 Error on Netflix:

There is another thing we haven’t shared with you.

Assuming that you have a go at all that we proposed and nothing appears to work, it may not be your fault. 

It could be Netflix.  In the event that their server is briefly down, there’s no way around it. Stand by some time, and afterwards have a go at streaming once more. 

Ideally, they will have settled the issue by then, at that point. Nonetheless, much of the time, it is not Netflix but rather your internet connection. 

One of our simple fixes will empower you to continue to watch your cherished content on this streaming service.

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