How to enable long videos on Youtube -Step By Step Guide

How to enable long videos on Youtube

This article provides information on how to enable long videos on youtube. A lot of people might know how the procedure is. Youtube has lots of features like translation for titles and descriptions and YouTube keyboard shortcuts.

YouTube is the most famous and free streaming website all around the world. It might be uncomfortable, especially if you are willing to upload your longer video to the platform. And we know that many recordings with friends and our family can easily exceed the 15-minute mark.

However, it is possible to upload a longer video, so don’t worry. It only requires you to verify your account using your mobile. Let’s jump into the article to get to know a lot more about how to enable long videos on youtube.

How to enable long videos on Youtube

Copy/Paste YouTube records

The majority of YouTube videos are automatically transcribed using Google’s greeting recognition technology. There is also the possibility that the video owner might personally copy the video and make it offered for the reader. You can also check other articles such as how to deal with 400 YouTube errors.

Whatever the problem, you can easily access the transcript and copy it along with Timestamps.

This is how to do it:

  1. Click on the More button listed below the video and select transcript from the menu.
  2. Below, you will be asked to choose a language. Make your choice, and you will see a full record along with the time stamp.
  3. Now click and drag to highlight all text and press CTRL + C to copy the text. You can attach the text anywhere, and your transcript will be ready.

YouTube automatically highlights words that may have been selected incorrectly, making it easy to modify the notes. Just tap the CC button on the YouTube gamer to allow subtitles, and you will find a white subtitle.

However, the subtitle with gray is that may have some mistakes. You can see this to modify transcription quickly. Although keep in mind that the subtitle submitted by the video owner will not have gray words.

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Transcription with Google Doc

The two techniques above function properly when noting YouTube videos uploaded automatically, or the owner is offered. However, suppose you want to copy videos without the records offered. In this case, you can use the integrated voice typing feature of Google Documents to listen to audio videos and immediately type anything.

To have good quality transcripts, it is recommended to make a straight PC listen to its audio speakers.

This is how to do it:

  1. In Windows, right-click on the 2nd icon in the taskbar and select recording the gadget.
  2. Now select “Stereo Mix” from the list and click “Set default” to set it as a recording default source.

If the stereo mix alternative is not supported by your computer’s sound card (like mine), then you can download and install Virtual VB audio cable tools and get an alternative option in the same menu.

After setting the device driver, you need to see the “Cable Output” option in the same noise option. Select this option, and after that, click “Set default.”

After this, your computer will listen to audio coming out of the speaker for the recording function. Now you only need to start typing the voice of Google Documents and videos needed at once to start the transcription.


As you have learned from this article, the process of activating a long video on YouTube is fast and easy. Following the steps given, you will do it in a short time.

YouTube videos with text turned on, and I can validate the automatic text of YouTube very well and make very few mistakes. Even videos with small background noise are transformed with very good precision. This post clearly explains how to activate a long video on YouTube.

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