How to delete uber eats account Step by Step Guide

Uber Eats

Hungry! Uber eat is there to fill your stomach and heart with all your number one food. Requesting on the web food has become part of our life. Regardless of whether you’ve chosen to cook more at home or have essentially changed to a Uber Eats option like Postmates or Deliveroo, the interaction to deactivate your Uber Eats account is genuinely direct and just requires a couple of moments.

How to delete uber eats account Step by Step Guide

Step by step instructions to Delete Uber Eats Account

The important thing about erasing your Uber Eats account is that you need to erase your Uber account permanently. You can reestablish the record within 30 days and not lose your previous credits and ride history, yet after this 30-day deactivation period, the record is erased for all time.


While the vast majority utilize the Uber Eats cell phone applications for setting orders. They, lamentably, can’t be utilized to drop or close a record. To erase Uber Eats account, you’ll need to utilize the Uber Eats site through a web internet browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Brave.

The most effective method to erase your Uber Eats account in the application


  1. Open the application and tap the three bars in the upper left, then, at that point tap Settings in the menu that springs up.
  2. Look down and tap Privacy, then, at that point tap “Delete Your Account”. Tap the “Delete Your Account” tab.
  3. Enter your secret word when provoked, then, at that point follow the means to erase your record.

The most effective method to erase Uber Eats account on a PC

  1. Go to this Uber account cancellation connect.
  2. Enter your email or telephone number, and afterwards your secret word.
  3. Follow the prompts to erase your record.
  4. Your record will be deactivated, forthcoming cancellation following 30 days. You have a beauty period inside that 30 days to fix your Uber account deactivation should you adjust your perspective.
  5. To reactivate your Uber account (counting Uber Eats), open the Uber application and sign in. Whenever you’re signed in, your record will be reactivated – that is it! Nothing else should finish.

Step by step instructions to Reactivate Your Uber Eats Account

If you adjust your perspective on shutting your Uber Eats account, you can reactivate it whenever inside 30 days of when you started the deactivation cycle.

This should be possible just by going to the Uber Eats site or opening the Uber Eats application and signing in. Whenever you’ve signed in, nothing else should be finished.

The most effective method to Contact Uber Eats

There are four primary approaches to reach out to Uber support if you need assistance with your Uber Eats account or a request.

Uber Eats application: This is the most ideal approach to get support on explicit request conveyances. Generally, after a request has been conveyed, the application will show you an alternative to giving criticism or document a grievance.

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Uber Support on Twitter: The authority of the Uber Support Twitter account is one of the quickest approaches to get a reaction. Just @ notice the record in a tweet or send them a DM.

Uber Eats client care telephone number: You can call Uber Eats on (800) 253-6882 to address an individual, however, stand-by times might be long and you’ll probably get a quicker reaction on Twitter or using the in-application support structure.

Uber Eats email support: You can email Uber Eats using however getting a reaction may require a little while and you may not get an answer by any stretch of the imagination. The above contact techniques are worth it difficult before sending an email.

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Erase Uber Eats account FAQs

Answer to related inquiries individuals additionally pose:

Would you be able to erase a Uber Eats account?

Open the application and tap the three-dabbed bars in the upper-left > tap Settings in the menu that springs up > look down, tap Privacy > tap “Erase Your Account.”

How would I drop the Uber Eats request?

Open the Uber Eats application > tap the Orders tab in the base menu > select the “Forthcoming” tab to see your orders > discover the request you wish to drop and tap ‘Drop Order.”

Do I get a discount on the off chance that I drop my Uber Eats?

You can get a discount on the off chance that you drop before the trader acknowledges your request. On the off chance that the shipper previously acknowledged the request, Uber Eats offers a one-lifetime discount if a request is dropped within 5 minutes of being set.

Would I be able to get a discount from Uber Eats?

Uber Eats requests can be dropped before they are acknowledged by the café, as a rule in practically no time. Other than quick retractions, you might be qualified for a discount if the conveyance staff committed errors like absent or erroneous things.

Why I can’t erase my uber account?

You will not have the option to erase your Uber account if you have a remarkable installment. … Uber may hold data after account erasure as required or allowed by law. If you alter your perspective and need to keep your record, sign in at within 30 days of deactivation to reestablish it.

Would you be able to erase the uber record and begin once more?

Uber commands 30 days of deactivation before a record can be completely deleted, so on the off chance that you adjust your perspective in the wake of following these means, you have a month to re-initiate. Following 30 days, in any case, your record will be eradicated for acceptable with no real way to get it back.

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