How to install TWRP and Root your Android phone, Step by step guide

When it comes to modding Android, root gets the glory, but a good custom recovery is the only thing you need. A custom recovery not only lets you help in backing up your entire device but also let you install flashable ZIP and customized ROMs. It even helps you in rooting your device.

The reason for TWRP’s popularity is simple as it is easily accessible from almost all phones and tablets, all credits go to its easily usable touch-based user interface.

In this guide, you will be able to learn the steps required to install the TWRP recovery on Android devices.

So before proceeding with the installation process, it will be great if you read out the below-mentioned pre-requirements.

Advantages of installing TWRP recovery on your Android device

  1. You will be able to upgrade your device to the latest version of Android
  2. It will help you in customizing your smartphone.
  3. You will be able to flash zip files and ROMs
  4. You will be able to root your Android device after TWRP’s installation.

Disadvantages of installing TWRP recovery on your Android device

  1. The warranty which accompanies your device will no longer be accessible.
  2. It may even brick your Android device if any wrong zip file gets flashed.


  1. Your bootloader must be unlocked.
  2. your mobile must be at least 70% charged.
  3. Please apply the steps mentioned with great caution or else you will end up with a bricked device.
  4. It will be solely your responsibility and we are not responsible for any damage which occurs.
  5. The process for the installation of TWRP is only for Android devices.

Step by step installation procedure for TWRP

Step 1: Install the official TWRP app.

So firstly we have to download and install TWRP app on our device. This app is available at Google play store, free of cost. We have also provided the link for the same below.

Install the Official TWRP App from here

Step 2: Allow the application to access your device

Now, after the installation of the app, you have to grant all the permission and accept the terms of services too. You have to tick all the checkboxes and then press OK, after that the app will ask you for the root access, so press “Grant” on the Superuser request popup.


Step 3: Your existing recovery needs to be back up

Well, you never know about your future needs, so it would be great if you create a back up for your existing recovery image before flashing.  It may help you when you require it to accept OTA updates or revert to stock. You just have to tap on the “Backup Existing Recovery” and press “OK”, and here you successfully made a back up for your present memory. This will take a couple of minutes, and then the back up will get saved in your external or internal memory. You can easily restore it by using the app’s “TWRP Flash” function.


 Step 4: Download the TWRP image for your Android device

So, now you have to download the TWRP itself. So for doing that you have to click on the “TWRP Flash” on the screen. On clicking, you will get to see a list of models, you just have to choose the model of your device from the listed brands.

After selecting the model of your device, you have to choose the latest version of TWRP to download. Just click on it and you will be directed to the download page in your browser. Click on the very first link you see which is the main link to download. As the downloading gets completed just click on the back button to get back to the app.


Step 5: Install TWRP on your device

Now, From the TWRP flash menu, click on the “Select a file to flash”. From there navigate to your device’s download folder, here you need to select the TWRP IMG file and tap the “Select” button. So, finally, you are ready to install TWRP. Now you just have to click on the “Flash to Recovery” option which is present at the bottom of your screen, and then press “OK”. Just wait for few seconds and you will get a message confirming that TWRP was installed.


Step 6: Make TWRP as your permanent recovery

Lastly, You just have to make TWRP as your permanent recovery, otherwise Android will be overwriting it with the stock recovery when you will be rebooting again. For doing so, open the side navigation panel of TWRP app and select “Reboot” from it. Now, click on “Reboot Recovery” on the directed screen. When TWRP boots up, you will get a prompt asking for the confirmation to make TWRP as your permanent recovery, So just slide the slider asking for the making the modifications and now you and your device are all set!

So before finishing, we would like to tell you to create a full NANDroid backup before you run off to flash ZIPs and custom ROMs. This back up will help you in restoration if anything goes wrong

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