HOSTGATOR ALTERNATIVES & Competitor Web Hosting like Bluehost

As we all know today, almost every business has shifted from offline to online, and because of this, one main advantage that people have is working from home or starting their own business. Many people in today’s date have started their own online business, which helps them focus or know more about online business in detail. For most online business one needs a perfect website and for an ideal website, domain and hosting is the necessities which one need.

Whenever we think about hosting, people directly think about the website as they all know it connects. Hosting is an internet service offered by various online companies like Bluehost, Dream host, etc., which helps people make their website Visible on a worldwide platform. Hosting is also an essential part of the website, which a website builder needs for grabbing more and more audience to your online business or your website. There are many hosting offering companies in today’s date, but all of them are not good.

Hostgator is one of the best and popular names When it comes to hosting. But HostGator is no longer the best one as many other hosting providers have successfully taken over them and are now ruling the hosting industry.

HOSTGATOR ALTERNATIVES & Competitor Web Hosting like Bluehost

When we talk about HostGator hosting Provider Company, then it is not like others. It seems to be the best one in itself, but it gets behind when its competitors come into the market. So let’s look at the best HostGator alternatives, which are somewhere equal or best compared to HostGator. Before going to the best option, we should look at what to look for the best HostGator alternatives.

So, as we all know, shifting from one website to another is always an issue many people face. Here are some of the features a perfect hosting provider should offer-

*Free domain- when it comes to a good relationship between a client and company, the best thing which can make the users happy is free. The domain is the only thing that allows the internet to look on your site always x when you need it. Without a domain, your website can never be visible in the public’s eye.

*SSL certificate- SSL certificate is another essential element needed by a website. In simple words, I can say that A SSL certificate is a thing that helps your website to form an encrypted connection with an audience browser. This certificate is vital to keep data safe from any other or third party. SSL certificate is a thing that should always be in your hosting plan because a website must have an approved SSL certificate.

*Security- leaving every element behind, security is the thing you want from a reputed website. There are many best-hosting providers, and all of them use various protocols to keep your website safe and secure. FTP is a common word you would have heard when it comes to security measures. FTP and SFTP are the common elements that help your website to get secured from the hacker. Some trusted software and programs can help your website to be fully secured and safe.

*Speed- it can say that speed is one of the most founded and essential elements needed by a good hosting provider. More than 80 percent of the users will get bored from your hosting company if they experience a slow loading time. When we generally talk about HostGator alternatives, it offers less load time than one second. Your website should always get loaded in less than one second so that your customers can have good interest and can post some positive reviews about your online business.

*Customer service- Customer support or customer service is the fundamental part that should be included in every hosting plan. People always look for a host who provides excellent customer support. You have all the rights to call them when you want; they should solve all your problems in just one go for your betterment. It’s pretty evident that every other website posts positive reviews about their customer service, but here we have chosen some trusted hosting providers, which are the alternative to HostGator, so let’s look at them.


Dream host is one of the oldest and the best hosting provider company which helps million of people online to rule on their website. It can be perfectly said that dream host is an excellent hosting provider for alternative HostGator. Unlimited shared hosting plans for three dollars and ninety-five cents a month, which totals around $60, is one of the best pricing options dream host offers. For one year, a plan that provides a similar feature from siteground, a more premium web hosting provider, costs you 135 dollars, while the providers like Bluehost will cost you around $90 and a cheaper option. Keep in mind that all the plans are being told by testing discounts over the fundamental pricing features.

After you’re done with your purchase, you’ll see a button that will redirect you to a new page on the screen. There is no need to wait for Activation or manual approval of your plan. All you need to do is wait around three minutes for the silver space to be allocated for your project; the control panel is easy to understand and more beginner-friendly than the standard. See found that comes with a lot of other web hosting providers right off the bat. You can see a substantial blue button saying install WordPress. Now once clicked, it will start the installation process. The process is easy to perform once understood.

It offers several ranges for specially designed plans which they offer.

The control panel of the dream host is quite reliable and similar to Bluehost. There are so many extensions and customization option which will surely help you and support your website in every term you need them. Some programming language also supports the website. If you are looking for an advanced hosting provider and an excellent alternative to HostGator, then dream host is a perfect hosting provider which you should use.

There’s no doubt that installation will take a little bit of time. It can take around 20 minutes, and at one point, you would think that you are stuck, but it’s never like that. They’ve responded almost immediately to their credit, but the explains that, well, basically, it’s working fine. It’s just slow. So don’t get worried. Once it’s finished, your website will look something fresh. It’s just as easy from the WordPress theme, and you can work on the design on content yourself at this point, but it is already online and is available for people to see. So the whole process from purchase to align took around 25 minutes at the moment is the Supreme center button. Let’s see what happens when I click fast, just like it. Did you fast forward to all the emails’ removal to save space and even set up on the water responder? So if someone messes your business, you can automatically reply to the message.

Thanks for contacting me or receipts for purchases, basic stuff like that if you want to change your email box to see. What kind of emails you’ve got? You can do it. So, by clicking this link and blogging in the mailbox itself, it looks modern, and you’ll probably have no problems communicating using it since dream hosts. If this seems complicated to manage your website files manually and see when you’re free SSL, the certificate expires, but don’t worry about that. Too much as a people’s adultery, you let SSL certificates entirely automatically, and what a free as well. This is true for every single domain you buy as a dream host. By the way, it is an SSL certificate approved. As this green lock next, your domain name and gripping your website and making the connection secure. It’s a mandatory security feature, and that’s highly necessary for pretty much every single website, what my auto-install software came with.

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Suppose we test from Dallas, USA, by getting the loading speed of 0.7 seconds, which is incredibly fast and good. However, if we switch to Vancouver, Canada, the fuel loading speed drops to 1.3 seconds, almost twice as slow as this happens because the dream host only has two data centers. They store all of your website information, and they’re both located in the United States when the west coast and one on the east coast.

Information needs to be travel between the server and the users, the longer it will take for that user to eat your website. That’s where we always recommend. I’ll be using the United States servers because that’s where the dream host is the strongest, But enough of this empty website bronzers video. Expect us out other than these are money to be up in Shackled. You can also opt for the best three months plans the dream host hosting provider offers. When we talk about the name given to this hosting offer which is an alternative to HostGator, it completely suits and rules the world. Dream host is one of the best hosting alternatives of HostGator.


Bluehost is one of the reputable and oldest names when it comes to the hosting industry of websites. They started with two users, and now they are all over the world. Bluehost has millions of users attached to their hosting services. The hosting provider offers you a variety of plans, including basic WordPress hosting plans and other helpful option too which helps to manage WordPress themes easily. Bluehost is a successful hosting provider because of its features in the techniques and because its programs are pretty affordable for everyone. The company has able to gain a lot of trust in just a few years, and now they are doing pretty well.

Bluehost offers exceptional customer service which other hosting provider doesn’t provide. Their staff is generally friendly and helpful which never unsatisfied their customer. Whatever a problem you have, they will always be there with you for your support.

When it comes to the pricing features for this hosting provider, they are just fantastic, and that’s why people like them and engage with them. They offer a wide variety of plans. Bluehost WordPress basic plans are available only for dollars 3.95 per month, dollar 5.95 a month, or dollar 6.95 a month when they purchase a three-year project. The WordPress pro starts for nearly about dollar 19.95 pro, whereas Bluehost offers you programs two times lesser than WordPress. It can be said that Bluehost is one of the best HostGator alternatives for both beginners and business owners too. They are leading the hosting industry in their style.

Whenever I think of building a website on WordPress, I go with Bluehost for hosting because it’s my personal favorite. People who want affordable service and quality service should always head towards Bluehost without any doubt. In a specific way, Bluehost is the best, trusted, and helpful hosting provider available nowadays, and also it is an excellent alternative to HostGator. Let’s have a look at the features offered by the Bluehost hosting provider.

*Free domain, which is the essential part you need to run a website.

*Free SSL certificate is also provided by Bluehost c, whereas some hosting providers charge for SSL certificates.

* For security, account security features are also provided, such as two-step authentication. Their security is said to be highly Trustable.

*it offers nearly 50 Gb storage and unmetered bandwidth, with pre-installed WordPress.

*Automatically update WordPress for a year is the part of their service that is genuine and only offered by Bluehost.

*As mentioned above, their customer support is so reliable, and they are 24/7 available for their customers, they always have a perfect solution for our problems.

*Again, for security measures, they have various programs like three layers of spam protection, one-click integration, and much other helpful software that helps your website get safe from hackers’ hands. Bluehost is also providing DDOS prevention.

All these features are the thing that makes Bluehost as world’s number one hosting provider, especially for WordPress.


Siteground again is one of the oldest hosting providers in various parts of the world. They have spent over 16 years helping and supporting their users to build all kinds of business websites they want. Their WordPress plans are always different and better than all the hosting providers. They have various excellent features, which sometimes make me confused about choosing between Bluehostorsiteground. Like Bluehost, siteground also offers their customer service and support in the hosting industry at the same level. Mostly 99 percent of their users are satisfied with their customer support and solutions.

The only disadvantage people face while using siteground is that it comes with limited limitations, which means they don’t offer a free domain with WordPress hosting plans because they also want to earn a little profit. Siteground pricing option sometimes increases randomly from one project to another, which can sometimes be difficult for you to increase your revenue with your traffic. Dream host and Bluehost provide 50Gb, but as compared to their siteground, they only offer 10Gb. This is the point where the siteground lacks. Bluehost and is not the number one hosting provider.

Siteground pricing offers are also affordable. When it comes to WordPress hosting plans of siteground, it is available for dollar 3.95 a month, dollar 5.95 a month, and dollar 11.5 a month for up to three years. After your first year, the prices randomly rise to a considerable jump. Siteground is an excellent choice for a website that needs significantly less data storage. If you don’t want to increase up to 10 Gb then, no doubt siteground is the hosting provider made for you only. But if you see more significant and heavy sites, then Bluehost and dream host are perfect. Some of the great features offered by siteground are-

*Free SSL certificate, an approved one and will not find any difficulty as their encrypt connection from users’ browsers. The internet has made it mandatory for all the website to have an SSL certificate for their safety, or without it, a site can’t be run.

*Free email services are also being offered by the hosting provider. In other paid mail service hosting providers, you can use mail chimp as your mail service.

* A pre-installed WordPress comes with automatic WordPress updates also helps to get your website to a perfect extent. Daily backups of your important notes with free CDN and with unmetered bandwidth.

*Advanced developer toolkit is also offered in the hosting provider like siteground.

These are some of the best HostGator alternatives present in today’s days. No doubt that HostGator is an outstanding hosting provider for many years but has not made its position on the top of the table in front of these all hosting providers. Somewhere it always gets lacks behind these, maybe due to feature or pricing plans for WordPress.

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