Here’s how you can Tweet 280 characters on Twitter right now

Twitter has been planning to increase the word limit for tweets for a long time and finally today the company announced that soon you will be able to write 280 character tweets on Twitter.

Right now Twitter is testing this new feature for a selected group but if you’re impatient like me then there’s a workaround to get the ability to tweet 280 characters right now.

For this workaround, you need to download and install Tampermonkey Chrome app from the Web store.

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Once that is installed, open the dropdown list on the Tampermonkey icon and click on “Create a new script”. Once you do that, it will open a page for you to paste the script. Get the script from GitHub Here.

Enable the script and it will start running. Now, open and there it would show you the 140 number limit but once you start typing, you will notice that the counter doesn’t work and it would let you type and show the red character limitation when it reaches the count of 280 characters.

If it doesn’t work, just disable and enable the script again and it should work. Of course, this is not an official method but will work until Twitter officially rolls it out for the public.

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