Hey Reader, today we are going to learn how we can fix Nvidia control panel issue. Well, this is very much common these days as Nvidia udpates its softwares, compatibility issue sometimes may arise. But no need to worry as it can be easily fixed.

How you can fix Nvidia Control Panel issue Step by Step guide:

Now lets discuss the 3 top very effective methods to fix this problem. Try these methods, I’m sure you’ll find this helpful.

Method 1: You need to update Display drivers

Sometimes just updating the drivers can be a great fix to any problem in your PC. Nvidia display drivers can be updated through their official website. Just visit their official website, search your drivers according to the version of Nvidia card installed in your PC. You’ve to be very sure what are you going to select, choose the compatible variant of windows and download it. Then install it and you are all set to go.

search nvidia drivers - Fix Nvidia Control Panel Issue

If this does not fix the issue, try out next method.

Method 2: Try to Restart you Nvidia Control panel process

A simple restart of the processes sometimes could fix the issue in you PC. For restarting the Nvidia Control panel process follow these step given below:

1.) Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open your task manager.

2.) Expand and right click on Nvidia Control panel Application under processes window. Then End that process.

end task nvidia - Fix Nvidia Control Panel Issue

3.) Now try to open it again.

Method 3: Restart your Nvidia Display Driver Service

Sometimes if we try to restart whole service, it can fix the issue. So now we try to restart our Nvidia display driver service. Follow these steps:

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1.) Press Window key + R to open Run Box. Type ‘services.msc‘ and click ok.

Run box - Fix Nvidia Control Panel Issue

2.) It will open the services panel and navigate to ‘Nvidia Display Driver service‘, Right Click and restart the service.

Restart Nvidia - Fix Nvidia Control Panel Issue

3.) Then Right Click on Nvidia Display Driver service again and open properties.

properties - Fix Nvidia Control Panel Issue

4.) It will open the properties panel then set startup type to Automatic. Click Apply then Ok. Now try open your Nvidia Control panel.

Automatic Nvidia - Fix Nvidia Control Panel Issue

I’m very much sure that above methods will be really helpfull to you. These methods have been tried by myself in my own PC. So, I find them pretty much helpfull, I hope you’ll too.

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