Grammarly’s Virtual Keyboard is Now Available for iOS

If you do a lot of hectic amount of writing on your computer, chances are that you’ve used ‘Grammarly’ before.

It is a tool that works with your web browser as an extension and word-processing app of choice to help find any grammatical or spelling errors your built-in ‘spell-checker’ might miss.

On December 13, ‘Grammarly’ declared that they are officially bringing this virtual keyboard for the Android users after having first launched it on iOS at the beginning of November. Though Grammarly’s virtual keyboard looks like a twin brother of Gboard at first glance, there’s something special happening near the top of it.

As you type using this tool, ‘Grammarly’ continually looks at what you’re writing and makes suggestions for any spelling or grammatical errors that it finds. If you want to make the correction, what you have to do is just a ‘tap’ on the suggestion and it will be added or replaced subsequently. Once the correction has been added, you can tap on it to get an explanation of where you went wrong.

‘Grammarly’ encrypts what you type to ensure maximum protection, and any sensitive data that’s inputted (such as credit card information or passwords) isn’t saved by Grammarly at all.

It claims that its error-checking algorithm has been developed by some of the world’s leading linguistic experts.

There are supports from American and British English, and ‘Grammarly’ says that it’s working on adding swipe input in the near future.

For paid ‘Grammarly Premium’ users, the keyboard will also suggest additional style improvements and vocabulary enhancements.

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