Are you being stuck at the terminal? Don’t know how long you have to wait for your flight to your destination? The know-all has your answers to all your queries! Google can now predict the delay of your flights.

Google is reported to add a few new features to ‘Google Flights search engine’ to help travelers tackle some of the more frustrating aspects of air travel. It will feature delays and the entanglement of the cheaper, Basic Economy fares.

Google Flights may just not be in pulling information from the airlines directly, it will also take advantages of its understanding of historical data and its machine learning algorithms to predict delays that haven’t yet been flagged by airlines themselves.

The genius combination of data and A.I. technologies will then predict some delays in advance of any sort of official confirmation. Google confesses that it won’t really flag these in the app until it’s at least 80 percent confident in the prediction, though.

It may also provide reasons behind the delays, like weather or an aircraft arriving late.
The users can track the status of their flight by searching the flight number or the airline and flight route. The delay information will then appear in the search results.

Google also stresses that one shouldn’t take its predictions at face value, and should turn up to the flight on time regardless. This is maybe to cover their back! But, at least with these warnings, one will get a head up and will have a sense of how long you’re going to potentially be stuck in the terminal.