Google Maps now help you to have a close look to Moon and 12 other Planets

Google have always come up with something amazing which no-one have thought of..

Google Maps
Google Maps

Google Maps will now be talking to Space. Yes now if you ever wish to have experience of visiting Moon or any other planets than you can have it without going anywhere . All this is now possible with the help of upcoming feature of Google Maps .Google Maps added 12 new planets and moons for users to explore.

Users can now scroll out on the Google Maps screen to get to space, or use the direct link. The images come from various spacecrafts, including the Cassini probe, according to Google’s blog. Cassini allowed “scientists to reconstruct these distant worlds in unprecedented detail.”

All the Images in the maps are in 3D so User can scrool closer to the planets and get more detail.You can explore space by heading over to Google Maps here:,-95.0853914,22985349m/data=!3m1!1e3

Here’s what Google’s official account says.

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