Google - Fast or Slow Wifi Network

Well, Hello Reader, If you are a Google Android 8.1 Oreo then you might have noticed that Android WiFi Network Options shows “How good is the WI-FI network is” before you connect to it with some common terms like (Good, bad, ok, slow, very fast or fast).

So, How Google knows about the quality of a WiFi Network?

We all know Android Collects data, it relies on the Usage & Diagonostics sharing feature. Let us say we connect with a WiFi network around us, what exactly happened there is that Android shares the speed of the network along with other information with Google. Everytime a connection is established with that wifi network, it send some piece of information to google and then a baseline for speed and reliability is established.

When that baseline is established by Android, there is feature inside Android names Network Rating is now able to tell you that how good strength is that wifi network having.

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Now You might be thinking that ” Oh, Google is collecting data from me? Well, I don’t like that!”

The short answer here is that the data google taking from you is like most the shared data, anonymous. Google actually just taking the information regarding that network only not anything when you’re doing something on that network.

Yeah, According to our point of view, the usage and diagnostics feature used to collect the network data is about more that just taking data, the piece information shared has been sent from our network, but for now we have to do this because if we do not share something with Google, how it will be going to improve its features.

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This collection of data is very generalized form of collection which basically helps in improving our further future services and features in Android.

You can Disable Usage and Diagnostics Sharing also

If you don’t want to share such details, you can easily turn off them from your device. To disable Usage and Diagnostics sharing, just follow these steps with me.

Go to Settings >> Google >> Click on three dots at the top right corner >> Click on them “Open Usage & Diagnostics” >> Turn it off.

Google - Usage and Diagnostics

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