Google Clock gets a Makeover in Android O


Google always have succeed to give us something new and something amazing in all its business. As always google have now came up with the Android O. Android O is a trending topic for now as it has released its Third Developer’s Preview .

Google with its every new OS update try to revamp its system app for more better looks and performance and rule the OS market. With this update of Developer’s preview .You will see a brand new CLOCK application

The changes you will notice in the clock app are. The app’s icon have changed from Purple color to Vibrant blue. The bottom right third is no longer shaded, and the shadows on the clock hands have been removed. Which now stands out in bright red. There are no sweeping changes which was ¬†not needed i guess.

Android Clock

Not only icon but there are few changes inside the app too . once we open the app we use to see a bold purple with red accent . Which has been changed completely in this new app it is now a blue-ish shade of very dark gray,almost black. And the accent is now cornflower blue. The accent color is changed from (#46af5 to 5c94f1 respectively). Also there are few minute changes like the time you will see in new app is more bolder than earlier Which gives a better look .

Android Clock

There’s another tweak relating to the time for a secondary location, but this time as part of the digital clock widget. As you can see below, the font weight of the secondary ‘Los Angeles’ clock has been increased. Again, only a subtle change. But it does make the time slightly easier to read at a glance, which is no bad thing.

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                                                                Left: Light.  Right: Heavy.

Finally, as well as the new color scheme and flatter design, the app icon now implements the new adaptive icons feature, so it will change shape depending on which setting you choose in your launcher. Here you can see the squircle and cylinder varieties:


Even if you’re not running DP3, you can still download this latest version from APKMirror¬†and install it manually.


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