Google Chrome now have in built Ad-Blocker

Ad-blocker Google Chrome

This year, you might have heard of Google to be working on a built-in ad blocker for its chrome browser. This new ad-blocker which will come with chrome browser will not block all ads but will only block ads that are considered intrusive and go against the standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads.

According to sources this New ad-blocker is in its testing  phase  from today . Also this ad-blocker of chrome is on testing on desktop and Android devices.  The latest built release for Google chrome includes a new option under Chrome Settings where user can enable or disable the new feature by going to (chrome://settings/content/ads).

This ad-blocker will automatically block ads that are considered intrusive. but it will also allow you to block ads on certain sites of your own choice, and you can also choose to allow ads on certain sites if you like. Following are some types of ads which will get blocked on desktop sites with ad-blocker enable on chrome.

This decision of integrating an ad-blocker right into its own browser in an strange move by Google. As Google itself has a business like AdSense. This is for sure that there AdSense business will get affected as people will definitely block ads because its annoying to see lots of ads. so it will be interesting to see how the new ad blocker works with that. Google is yet to officially announce the new ad-blocker inside Chrome, and we’ll likely have the answers to our questions once it’s officially and available to all Google Chrome users.

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