Google Assistant might come with these new features.

If you are a beta user of the Google app then you might have got an update of new Google app. This new app have come up with new features which the company is developing for  The guys over at 9to5Google did an APK teardown of the app and have shared their findings with the public.Assistant.

Also you might have heard the a rumors s fa claiming that the upcoming pixel  Pixel smartphones will feature a squeezable frame, just like the HTC U11. The APK teardown confirms that. The feature says that  you’ll be able to launch Google’s digital assistant by squeezing either of the two Pixel devices, but there’s no word if the feature will allow you to perform any other tasks like, for instance, opening an app of your choice.

Google Assistant

You might see a new feature where you can use a hotwords for Assistant, which are used to get its attention. It is not clear that we will get a predefined list of hotwords or we can create it our-self.

We might get an option to change Assistant’s voicce, and choose from a variety of re relaxing “sleep sounds” that will automatically stop playing when you fall asleep. The last thing worth mentioning is that Google may add more podcast-related commands including “Continue last played podcast.”

Remember it might be a case where these feature turn out to be just a rumors as there are no confirmations.So lets wait for the features to come in the Assistant .

Stay Tuned to MSleaks for more update related to TECH.

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