How to get the right laptop based on your requirement

Laptops are portable. People can carry laptops anywhere they go. Evolution happened from wired computers to easy carrying laptops. They are available in different configurations. Pricing of laptops is dependent on the configuration preferred.

Selecting Laptops is not that hard. The primary thing to do is to note down few points that are as follows.

  • What is the work I am doing and how much of resources am I expecting from Laptop?
  • Do I travel too much with laptop or commute to the office and return home?
  • Am I taking this Laptop for gaming purpose or browsing and other office works?

Well, these are few important questions to ask yourself. The main components to focus on while selecting laptops are screen size, RAM, and CPU. Here are the answers to above questions.

Selection of Laptop based on the configuration

How to get the right laptop based on your requirement

  • If the work is related to design, coding, debugging etc, they need more RAM and CPU to maintain. laptop heats up and may damage if specifications are low. If work is related to browsing, data entry, MS-word related jobs etc then 2 to 4 GB of RAM is enough.
  • Larger Laptops are heavier and hard to carry. Laptops of 16 or 17 inches can be preferred in the case of the daily commute. If work involves more traveling, consider taking laptops of small sizes.
  • Gaming requires a lot of processing power. 4 to 8 GB or even more RAM with dual-core processors are best for gaming.

The above Questions and Answers will solve most of your doubts on selection. Two of the most powerful and widely used processors are Intel and AMD. Both are efficient and work beyond the expectations. Intel is ahead of AMD in terms of advanced technology. AMD offers well-configured laptops at comparatively lower prices than Intel. One point to observe is Laptops with larger displays take more battery power but supports better graphics.

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