4 Ways To Free Up Hard Disk Space On Windows

Nowadays the hard drives are getting bigger in the means of storage space. And in one way or the other somehow it gets filled up. If you’re using an SSD then it’s gets filled really fast. As the storage space in SSD is less compared to that of a normal Hard drive. There a lot of ways by which you can free up hard disk space. Here are some tricks which will help you to free up hard disk space.

4 Ways To Free Up Hard Disk Space On Windows

Free Up Hard Disk Space

1. Running Disk Cleanup

Most of you might not know it, but Windows comes with a built-in disk cleaner. It deletes the temporary files and other useless data which consume space. Go the disk then right click-> properties -> General -> Disk cleanup -> system clean up. It will free up hard disk space.

2. By uninstalling heavy applications

If you uninstall some apps it will free up some space. It depends on the apps like some applications are small and some are heavy applications. Before uninstalling check the size of the application so that you know how much storage is available. You can always use a third party application to uninstall the programs as it completely removes the program along with its leftovers.

3. Disk Space Analyzing

You should know how much space is used by what applications. These are the third party application that analyzes the disk. It will tell exactly how much space is seeing used by what. These analyses are useful so that you can decide what to delete and want not to delete. So that it will free up disk space

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4. Cleaning the junk/temporary files

It’s always a good idea to clean the junk files sometimes it consumes a lot of disk space. Windows Disk Cleaner won’t the cache files of your web browser and all. So it’s always better to have a third party clear such as CC cleaner.

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