Spreading spams and fake news on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp is not a new story to us. A few days back we saw a fake message doing rounds which said that dialing a certain number will explode your device where it is practically impossible to do so. Now a new message has surfaced on WhatsApp which and the latest victim of the fake news is none other than our Prime Minister.

Currently, a new message is hitting everyone’s inbox which promises to give away a free laptop to everyone as a part of a new government scheme called ‘Laptop Vitran Yojna 2017’.  The message which is going viral comes with a link to access this website. Once you tap on the link, you will be directed to a website which has our Prime Minister’s photo on a laptop. Below is the screenshot of the same.

Laptop Vitran Yojna

As you can see, the website asks you to fill out 3 fields namely, Full Name, State and the Laptop Model. Once you fill out all these details, you will be redirected to a new page where again you will see two tabs. The first option is to ‘Invite Friends’ and the other one reads ‘Order Laptop’. As soon as you tap on ‘Order Laptop’ it will ask you to ‘Invite at least 12 groups’ i.e forward the message to at least 12 groups on WhatsApp to proceed. At this point, a person will probably forward this message to 12 groups just to try their luck and hence spread it more. This is just a make believe website which has the sole motive of making money through the advertisements displayed. Also, you will be giving up your personal details to someone you don’t know and definitely you can’t trust.

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On the final note, there’s no such program being run by the Government of India and if there was, we would have seen campaigns and advertisements on Television and social media. To sum up, this is just a fake website and a fake message with a sole purpose of earning money through advertisement and spreading fake news. We urge everyone to do a proper research and understand the messages before forwarding it blindly to everyone on social media.

Having said that, do let us know in the comments section if you received this message on WhatsApp.

Source: Tech Sandesh

Via: PhoneRadar