How To Fix HDMI Connection Problems

One of the important way to connect different components like projectors, UHD and Blu-ray disc players etc uses hdmi connection. So if an hdmi connection goes wrong here’s how to fix hdmi connection problems.

The main purpose of hdmi connection is that it makes sure you can connect your components by using only one cable for audio and video. Hdmi is a widely used mode of connection while connecting your laptop to a project and etc. Before frustrating sets in here are tips oh how to fix hdmi connection problems.

Fix HDMI Connection Problems

How To Fix HDMI Connection Problems

Here are some of tips that should be taken into consideration when you fix hdmi connection problems

1. Check your HDMI connection cable.

Sometimes hdmi cables won’t fit perfectly and it can slip if there’s even a slight movement in the device. If this is your case then buy the self locking hdmi cables

2. For all your devices use a different turn-on sequence.

Most of the people have the habit of turning on their tv first, then the hdmi source components. Try to reverse the order and see if it works or not. If you connect your home theater to the disc player then try to turn it on first. Try different sequence and remember the one one which works perfectly. This should fix hdmi connection problem.

3. Check for the video resolution output settings of the source

If your disc player or Blu-ray player has a video output option make sure that it is set to auto. It should provide a more stable output.

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4. Using the process of elimination

If you have your Blu-ray player connected to your tv and your home theater and there a problem in connection. And the sequence trick also didn’t work. Then eliminate the connection to your home theater so that it will bypass the home theater receiver and this will fix hdmi connection problem

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