How to Fix DLL Not Found or Missing Errors in Windows

So the dll error is an error with the .dll file missing, it’s the kind of file ending with .dll extension. This dll error can appear in any Microsoft operating system such as windows 10,8,7 etc. It can also appear when you try to crack some softwares as well. So don’t worry there are a few methods to fix dll error.

This might be a hectic job as there are lot of .dll files and all those files might end up causing more trouble. You can also fix dll error by yourself but you need some free time to do so.

How to fix dll error such as ‘Not found’ and ‘Missing’

How to fix dll error such as 'Not found' and 'Missing'

Make sure you are in safe mode during these process.

1. Never Download the DLL files.

There are lot of sites from where you can download the .dll files to fix dll error. But never do so because there are a lot of reasons why you should not do it. The least of which is that it won’t solve your problem.

2. Restarting your device.

Sometimes the problem may be temporary and by just restating your device may be enough to solve it. But you can only restart if you don’t get the dll error when your device is booting up. If you have any error during the boot up then you should probably do a force restart.

3. Restoring the deleted .dll file.

Most of the .dll error are ‘dll missing or dll not found’. This might occur because you might have accidentally deleted the dll file without your knowledge. You need to enter safe mode to perform this or any of the steps. This might fix dll error.

4. Run a virus scan.

Some of the dll missing error occurs because of some malware or virus related things.

5. Use system restore.

Revert back all the recently done changes to the system, if you think it might be the reason for the error. Or if you thing the change is to the registry or any other configuration the. You can restore the system so that you can fix dll error.

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