Facebook’s ‘Secret Police’ Works to Track Leakers – Privacy at Stake?

The world’s largest social network – Facebook, which pledges the user privacy at the best, knows the minor details about the activity of its employee and even yours. Obviously, this tracking is done without the knowledge of the employee and with the help of Facebook’s ‘Secret Police’. So far, the company had fixed many problems by giving more turns and still monitors the activity of those who work for it.

Alston, UK – March 11, 2011: A close up of an LCD computer screen showing Facebook.com, a social networking and blogging website.

This act, which involves an employee’s investigating team or Facebook’s ‘Secret Police’ over the leak of any company confidential information. At the time of involvement on this, the employee was subjected to interrogation as they were found guilty of leaking ideas about an upcoming product.

Without knowledge of this act, the employee was subjected to have a meeting with his manager. Once they were in the room for a meeting, the investigating team or secret police leave all the conversation logs, screenshots taken, and a catalog of all links visited by him.

As per the government act, the technology should monitor on all the post that is being in social media and Zuckerberg, his company itself engaged in monitoring all the activities of their workers too. Its now, the company itself can have access to all your data and would not take many efforts on this.

The secret police not only track or monitor the activities of all employees but also to test them in official confidential information. They aren’t tracked only with USB sticks or smartphone location but also, they are been tracked with people they meet and Facebook policy activity.

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Facebook, is not tracking the mistrust activities of the employee but also in preventing the world from crime. This is intended to monitor with no crime and mistrust of any policy that to happen.

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