Facebook is a social media giant with more than 2 billion monthly active users. Few advantages with FB are meeting with friends, news feed, applications, games and so on. People spend hours on Facebook browsing through news feed and chatting with friends. Apps come in many different categories and users have so many choices available to pick from.

Main advantage with Facebook is its user base. Companies promote their business & products in the form of advertisements. Income source of Facebook is through ads. Users will provide lots of information like email, mobile number, interests, date of birth and gender. FB also keeps track of user activity to know their specific interests.


Identifying Facebook scams:

People can play FB games only after logging in. But after you log in and click on a game, if it redirects you again to login page then it’s suspicious. Don’t enter your login details as this fake page is setup to record your credentials.

No apps or games will ever ask for your credit card information or passwords. If you come across situations like that, don’t proceed and report to Facebook. This is one of the Facebook scams.

Sometimes you may receive the message from one of your friends to visit the link or download and this is a hint of the Facebook scam. Your friend’s account may be hacked already and they are spreading malware to more systems through friends. Don’t click on links if you feel it’s suspicious. Do not even think of messaging as his/her account might be compromised. Call and confirm that those links are either good/bad.

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People can send/receive messages from unknowns. Few messages come as if the users got the huge sum of money in a lucky draw. They will ask for name, address, bank details and even ask to deposit some amount to receive prize money. But after users deposit, they won’t reply or even block us on Fb.

Some ask for credit card information and commits credit card frauds if people give them info about their cards. These are some of the common scams users are facing on Fb. The only solution is to not give information, in any case, report the same to Facebook and they will take care.