Developers now no longer need to pay every year to keep apps in the Store [Updated]

Here is something that will make every single developer party out. Microsoft has just made some changes in the Dev Center which removes the annual subscription method which means that now developers don’t need to pay every year to keep their apps in the Windows Store. We don’t exactly know why Microsoft took this step but we will inquire about it and update this post accordingly. We think this step is taken to attract developers to Windows platform by removing annual subscriptions.
Earlier Microsoft used to charge approx $19 every year to the developers to keep their apps in the Store. Removing this barrier will encourage more and developers to choose Windows Platform over Android or iOS.
My reaction to this: Being a developer, I feel this is the best Microsoft could do right now to help the Windows Store grow. I am super excited to see the result of this change which may come sooner or later. For now let’s welcome this change by circulating this information to the developers. We hope this will bring more new apps and some new exclusives to the Windows Store.

Note: We are confirming to more developers about this change and also we have reached Microsoft to know the reason and possibility for this change. We will update this post as soon as we receive a word from them.

Update: Ex-Microsoftie, Nawzil just confirmed me that this change is rolling out for all the developers.

Update 2: We also got confirmation from top Developers like Ertay Shashko for the same.

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