Developer gets Windows 10 on ARM running on Lumia Device

Windows 10We all know that Microsoft has confirmed about no further development of Windows 10 Mobile and the platform is dead. Irrespective of it, there are some skillful developers who are not ready to leave the platform yet.

One of the twitter user namely Hikari Calyx posted some evidence of Windows 10 on ARM on full display of Lumia prototype.

He also posted a video of OS startup on his device too.

The protoype used here appears to be the “Nokia Hapanero”, an unreleased version of Nokia Lumia 950. Microsoft presented this device at Build 2015.

One interesting thing you should know is that same twitter user leaked the images of Nokia Hapanero.

This could be a good news for Windows Phone fans because if this is Windows 10 on ARM and all features are usable on Lumia Devices then they don’t have to worry about changing their mobile platform.

It is still believed by some die-hard fans that there is an upcoming Surface Phone or something like that will be revealed soon.

It will be very interesting to see what will be the future of Windows 10 Mobile Devices.

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Source: On MSFT

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