WhatsApp Co-founder joins the movement “delete facebook”

Jan Koum and Brian Acton are the co-founders of WhatsApp. Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion in the year 2014. While Jan continues to take care of company, Brian quit the company. Recently, he announced a $50 million investment in messaging app with the name “signal” and joined in their company foundation.

Cambridge Analytica is accused of using more than 50 million Facebook user data. This data was used to influence 2016 elections. We see a lot of quiz and survey apps on the social giant FB. It all started with Aleksandr Kogan of Cambridge University.

He along with other developers developed an FB personality quiz application where it asks about personal details, details about their friends and so on. It is to be noted that only 2, 70,000 people played the app and about 50 million user data is acquired from the people. Kogan sold this data to Cambridge Analytica.

After the scandal got out into public, rage started against FB (Facebook). The delete facebook movement is growing up across all social media platforms. Following that, Brian Acton also raised his voice in supporting the movement by tweeting “It is time #deletefacebook” in twitter. In just 2 days, the social media giant lost around $60 billion in the market value. This is 3 times of the total market value of snapchat which is $19 billion.

Mark apologized to the users. He further added, it is our job to protect your personal data and we failed this time. I really apologize and we are taking necessary actions to prevent this type of activities from never repeating again in future. We are modifying algorithms which make apps even tougher to extract user data.

Possible Solution:

Facebook will update its privacy protocols so that apps will have less chances of getting profile data. People also should take the responsibility and prevent giving personal data to applications.

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