Coming Android version can have iPhone X’s ‘Notch design’

The Notch Design in Android Phone, Rumors?

Coming Android version can have iPhone X's 'Notch design'

As we all know Apple released it’s 10th anniversary iPhone with the notch design last September. Which lead to an uproar in its controversial notch design. And as always lots of memes about it and loads of apple trash talks. And in the mean time jibes from its competitors as well like Samsung and others.

Previously Apple released it’s iPhone 7 with the dual camera setup lot of other phone manufacturers also did the same and released their new phones with the dual camera setup. And now Apple came up with the notch design and other phone manufacturers might as well use this design in their new phones.

But well, it’s just a matter of fact that development of next level Android started to appear late this year. And it might as well start working with the notch design. Well soon Android devices will support the notch design. But if it doesn’t goes as per the plans they might as well end up vindicating iPhone X’s notch design at the end.

As per Bloomberg report, It is said that Google is working on a completely different version of Android OS for the next gen smartphones. They also said that this new OS will also support the iPhone X’s notch design on top. Google insiders might be familiar with this situation.

This continues in Google trying to give it’s customers an alternate to iPhones by giving then a well-packed and a classy device that goes way beyond than the flagship Pixel phones.

So the main aim of this year’s Android will be focused on the looks. As well as improving the looks of the software. This was said by an company insider who’s name will be kept confidential.

However, Android’s move to embrace the iPhone X’s notch design is not just blindly copying it but a strategic one. The design change in the upcoming Android devices will allow the manufacturers to fit cameras and other sensor.

This allows the future Android phone to come up with new features, and innovative users. But lastly to compete with apples advancements in tech every year.

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