How to Clear Your Computer’s CMOS Memory to Reset BIOS Settings

Full form of CMOS is Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor. It is a small amount of memory located on the motherboard. It saves BIOS settings. Clearing the memory will change the BIOS settings to default.


  • Experimental changes affecting the computer performance can be reset to default settings.
  • Hardware compatibility problems are solved.
  • You can reset system passwords by clearing CMOS.

How to Clear Your Computer’s CMOS Memory to Reset BIOS Settings

CMOS Battery

Some of the methods for clearing the CMOS memory are as follows:

  • Factory Defaults Option:

One easy way to clear it is by entering BIOS setup utility. Select the option named Reset BIOS settings to factory defaults. Wording differs from every manufacturer. After choosing the option, restart the computer to apply settings. Some of the naming conventions are as follows.

  • Reset to Default
  • Clear BIOS
  • Load setup defaults
  • Factory default and etc.

Reset the CMOS Battery: 

Unplug the computer. Don’t touch internal components of the computer for few minutes as static electricity exists. After some time remove this battery. After few minutes, re-seat it again in its position. By doing so, CMOS memory will reset to defaults. The case is different for laptops and tablets.

It is connected to the motherboard with a 2-pin white connector. Unplug the white connector and re-connect again after few minutes. This will clear CMOS memory in Laptops.

  • Using Motherboard Jumper:

Desktop motherboards consist of Jumpers while laptops and tablets won’t have. Jumpers are located near to CMOS battery or BIOS chip. Various naming conventions used to indicate the Jumpers like CLEAR, PASSWORD and CLRPWD. If it is 2 pin then remove the jumper completely. For a 3 pin setup, move the jumper to other pins.

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Restart the computer. After checking, shut down the computer and unplug from the power supply. Connect the jumper back again to the same spot. Failing to do this part will clear the BIOS settings every time you restart the computer.

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