Church’s are going Cashless?

If you don’t have cash then, no need of worrying Church’s are introducing cashless transaction. The Church of England will introduce cashless payment facility in 16,000 church. So no need of worrying they will also accept Android Pay, Apple Pay and also card payments.

After taking only cash and cheques for decades now they accept the cashless transaction. The Church of England initiated this method of payment so that it will be easy to pay for baptisms and weddings. This is just the first phase of the plan.

Second Phase of Cashless Transaction

The second phase of the plan is being tested in some church’s. In this, they pass around a card reading device of some kind or an equivalent technology during the collection of money. Rev. Margaret Cave, who leads a church said that ‘She’s really hoping that the church will be cashless soon’. She also took part in testing of this technique last year. She also said that being able to take card payment makes them a part of the modern society.

This technique is not fully sorted out, there are still some logistical issues which should be solved. As passing around a card reader in a church is inappropriate. Currently, it would look a bit weird passing that equipment’s around also a smartphone or a tablet should accompany the card reader when it was tested.

Mark Arena, who is the head of Financial Communication of The Church of England. Said that, as some churches have to stone walls which are very thick. It creates reception problems for the device. Due to these complications, people can still pay by cash or cheques.

The Church of England are in a partnership with financial technology firms such as SumUp and iZettle. So that the card reading technology can be brought to thousands of church’s across England.

Annually The Church of England receives around £200 million in its annual donations. Most of the cash comes from automated Bank donations and a small amount that comes from the collection plates

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