New Features like Calendar, Mail and People Experiences coming to

Microsoft launched beta version last year. People have been trying the beta past six months and given valuable feedback. Programmers have focused on the design and development of Mail, Calendar, and People sections. To try out the new features of beta, switching “Try the beta” toggle will change your into beta version.

New Features like Calendar, Mail and People Experiences coming to



This section comes with new looks, able to personalize and with faster email experience. Quick access to settings, better Skype integration, categorizing emails, accessing popular add-ons like Boomerang, Evernote, Paypal comes in Beta version of

You can assign color and name to categories. Accessing emails will become less difficult with this feature. You can categorize Mails. To search for a specific mail, search by typing category name in search bar. Accessing add-ons has become much easier. Popular and most used apps like Evernote, Gfycat, Mozilla, Trello, Paypal, and Boomerang are available.


The update makes it easier for people to create and edit the contacts in contact list. They have introduced profile cards. Hover over the contact to see their profile card. Adding photos, quick editing of information and mail integration are some of the key features of the beta version of Adding people to your favorites list will make them visible in the mail.


Calendar interface in beta version is improved to be more UI friendly. It is now easier to create events. Responsive interface, lots of event icons and easy edit are updated options to look out for. To create an event, click on the new event and add corresponding details. They include title, date, location, Repeat and Reminder options.

Editing the events is easier in beta. Hover over the event to quickly edit and modify the details. We can also set up repeating events for all routines. Add suitable icons to your events.

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