How Do Browser Cookies Work And Should You Be Really Worried About Them

Often when you are browsing through the websites you might have come across the word ‘Cookies’. These are called browser cookies and not the one which we eat. In the internet world, the meaning of the words is quite different from the real world. You might have observed this if you search anything on Amazon and later the when your browsing Facebook the ads will be of the thing which you searched earlier. It’s not some lucky coincidence, browser cookies make it happen.

How Do Browser Cookies Work

browser cookies

Now you might be wondering like how browser cookies copy your personal search history. And lure you into buying the thing which you searched earlier. Technically speaking it is because you agreed to it. Whenever you open a website there will be a pop-up message saying that the site will be using browser cookies. And you’ll agree by click ‘Okay’ to them, then they store your browsing history data in their database.

Browser cookies have made life simpler for all the add agencies out there. So that they’ll get easy target through their ads, actually cookies were not designed for such kind of things. Earlier, cookies were a file on our computer which used to store data. This file contained your preferences of the website like the layout, language, etc which you prefer. Each and every website had it’s own and different file in which it would store preferences, settings, and data.

So moving on, devices and website evolved over time and became more dynamic. Even the file size containing cookies also increased over a period of time. So eventually the websites decided that they will store the browser cookies on their website itself. And the file in the PC would contain a unique ID which will help in linking the data.

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Browser cookies are just a tool, we can say like an ax. This can either be used to build a good furniture or Kill a person (No Offense). Everything depends on what the person will do with the browser cookies. It was designed to do good things but it can also be used for bad things as well.


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