BLUEHOST ALTERNATIVES & Competior Web Hosting like Hostgator

In 2003, Matt Heaton came up with the idea of Bluehost, which is a privatized web hosting programme and is now functional on over 2 million domains. It is currently owned by EIG and is one the world’s largest and most popular web hosting spaces, with direct listing from WordPress. It is a hosting service based in Utah and has its own official website,

Despite being one of the world’s leading hosting spaces for e-commerce, Bluehost is not free from customer complaints and occasional dissatisfaction. Various customers found that in spite of 24×7 customer care availability, the support system was not apt or knowledgeable enough and could only offer assistance until a certain level.

The customer care was neither quick nor effective in its approach, rendering them non user friendly. Their servers were slow and often the web host depicted slow speed and created complications for heavy programming and layered sites.

BLUEHOST ALTERNATIVES & Competior Web Hosting like Hostgator

Bluehost was found unable to support long running hours and often resulted in downtime that lasted for hours. Bluehost is also found to be non transparent in its pricing policies. While the starting price was affordable, it contained several hidden payments and outrageous renewal pricing, thus fooling their customers. They also did not provide monthly payment services. Due to these reasons, many people have now started to look for alternative web hosting companies to expand their business and launch their sites, and for those people, this article is the right place to find their perfect web hosting company.

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is ranked amongst the most user-friendly website developers in the market and has earned the reputation of being time saving and extremely easy to work alongside.

GoDaddy is most beneficial for those looking to launch a new business or promote small businesses and ventures due to it’s limitations on creative freedom of the design of the website.

It is a smoothly operating web hosting company, that uses Artificial Intelligence to design an customise a website according to the needs of the customer, without the customer actually having to do much work on the is the perfect place for beginners who are new to e-commerce and trade and lack knowledge about what a good business site should contain. It does most of the hard work for the customer and offers easy technical support to help expand the business.

It takes in details about the business from the customer and designs a website in a few minutes, thus saving a lot of time. It’s pricing policies are as simple as its interface and it is cheaper than most web hosting companies in the market. This self fulfilling nature of the company has resulted in mass customer satisfaction, making it one of the largest companies in a very short span of time.

2. Dreamhost

Just like Bluehost, Dreamhost is one the largest web hosting companies affiliated with WordPress. Found in 1997, Dreamhost became one of the most reputable and trusted hosts of all time. The only drawback Dreamhost seems to have is their lack of constant customer care services, despite their 24×7 customer help scheme.

The helplines can be slow and unuseful at times. But despite that, more than 2 million domains are associated with Dreamhost due to its vast advantages.  Dreamhost assigns each customer a free domain name, which the customer is free to choose themselves. Dreamhost also made it to the recommended web host list developed by WordPress.

Unlike other companies that might offer a 15 day or one month warranty or trial period, Dreamhost has an extended refund policy of over 3 months which is also completely hassle free and provides customers full satisfaction. Apart from the generous refund scheme, they also have a monthly or bi-yearly payment package, unlike Bluehost. They provide easy cancellation and reactivation services.

Dreamhost is known for its ethical business handling and they offer a very transparent and reasonable pricing policy, with no hidden additional charges or payment demands. Dreamhost is known to provide their customers with a vast range of features, including their scheme of unlimited features. Dreamhost provides unlimited bandwidth services along with unlimited storage facilities on their plan.along with that, they provide their customers the option of designing their own websites, which is a very easy and stress free process.

Dreamhost is an efficient choice that can handle heavy traffic on the site and is equipped to function without letting the site crash. Dreamhost also provides all customers with a free SSl certificate within their plan. They are well equipped to protect the customer’s data from breach and have high security measures to prepare against any accidents.

It is not only responsible towards its customers but has a reputation of working for environment protection and making pro-environment choices. Dreamhost promotes sustainable development and actively funds projects and companies that work for the benefit of the planet and its conservation. The company is very strict regarding its carbon footprint reduction and is constantly working to find ways to reduce it. Their office, situated in Los Angeles, runs on renewable energy resources and the employees are trained to save and reduce their energy consumption.

3. Hostgator

Hostgator is no new name in the web hosting world, in fact it is one of the largest companies that has stood the test of time, being reportedly one of the oldest web hosting companies ever.Hostgator provides its customers with a trustworthy and supportive customer help service and is available at all odd hours to help solve the customer’s issues. Hostgator provides its customers all basic features, including free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth and storage facilities.

The company is very cheap and affordable, very handy for small businesses or ventures that are new, but it comes with a heavy renewal pricing scheme which might become a slight drawback for some people. They are an extremely user friendly web hosting space and very easy for beginners to understand and work with. They provide high security to all their customers along with data backup and protection.

Their refund policy is not as generous as Dreamhost but it extends for upto 45 days, following which the customer cannot cancel the services and expect a refund. Hostgator uses a very basic and people friendly operating system, and is ideal for people who want a quick and hassle free site development. It even allows people to customize and design the look of their websites and add their personal touch to it. It offers a very stable uptime score, higher than most other companies, reaching up to 99.99% on their best days.

4. SiteGround

SiteGround is rated as one of the most dependable web hosting services and is trusted by millions to expand their revenue collection and business popularity. They offer very stable and unimpeachable services to the customers. They offer 24×7 customer care services, via both chat and through phone calls, and their employees are quick to answer back and solve the customer’s problems.

They are very thorough and efficient with their help and take very less time to connect with. It featured in the recommended list published by WordPress, and it even offers quick and safe WordPress mitigation which is absolutely free of cost. It also provides web hosting services for servers other than WordPress, and customers can choose to select a package with shared web hosting options for their domain to increase their reach and business revenue.

Unlike other web hosts, SiteGround is known to not provide their customers with a free domain name and cost additional charges for it. SiteGround became famous for its speeding services, providing an above average speed result and fast page loading results. It also has a good uptime, and like Dreamhost, can offer 99.99% uptime on the site. It not only comes with a free SSL certificate but also provides a free email account service and a CDN storage facility to store all files and data on global servers for easy reach and backup and easy data transferring.

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This web hosting company is a little pricey than others but that can be ignored due to its shared account policy. Moreover, it offers an extension of one month on its refund policy to allow the customer to get aquainted with the site and decide if its worth their money. Like most other big web hosting companies, SiteGround offers a very simple and basic system to eallow beginners to run their business easily and customize their sites, but it also has several high level features which allow tech savvy and learned people to experiment and authenticate their business sites, adding to the expansion of their business plans.

The free mitigation servive assists the customers in easing their work and the company prioritizes on the comfort and satisfaction of the customers, resulting in a large and loyal fanbase supporting the company. Although the prices are less compromising as compared to the competitors in the market, the extensive care for its customers and features make it one of the largest companies in the E-commerce sector.

5. Hostwinds 

Hostwinds is a widely known company and it offers smooth and transparent web hosting services and are very highly talked about by their customers. This praise for the company comes from its extensive services and cost effective pricing. Founded in 2010, Hostwinds has earned quite a reputation since its humble beginnings and now offers customised services to its clients.

It offers a great speed reception and quick page loading service, and offers a very high uptime, with as high as 99.98% on its best days. It supports various apps including WordPress and even offers a free Weebly account alongside its traditional web hosting services. Even though it does not provide its customers with free domain name services and charges extra for it, they make up for it by providing free email account management and services,which is unlimited in nature.

They do not offer a transparent refund policy unlike other companies, which might downplay its advantages, but the added Weebly account helps in managing accounts through several accounts and reduces the work pressure of the client. They too provide their customer with full safety and protection and offer a free SSL certificate to prove their authenticity. Their customer care unit is very quick to function and offers practical solutions to make e-commerce a comfortable experience.

They provide round the clock support service via live chatting, phone calls and emails and also offer nightly backups on all their plans. They are extremely cost saving and affordable and provide a cheap deal for most of their packages, and a chea[per renewal than the rival companies. The impeccable customer service provided by Hostwinds is not only rewarded with customer satisfaction but also has many accolades to its honour.

They provide free mitigation services to all the customers which is hassle free and quick in nature. They also provide unlimited bandwidth and storage to all the customers and offer free site transfer for 2 months following the purchase of the website. They have an easy to access homepage page and they allow contemporary and modern customisation of all business websites.  Their home page is creative and very user-friendly and allows an easy reach for all facilities the company offers including its pricing policies and the added benefits it provides. Over the years, it has risen high to become one of the most successful companies and is highly recommended.

6. WP engine

A very highly rated company by WordPress itself, WP engine provides quick and safe web hosting services and is a widely known company. They are known to be a very dependable and simple web hosting space by all users and are very easy to operate with. Their customer support system is very strong, with 24×7 service provided by the company, with easy to reach and quick replies by the employees, often useful and practical.

They even provide videos and guidelines for how to ensure the best business revenue and how to effectively use the site.  It is preferable that clients with WordPress servers hire WP engine to work with because it offers a shorter range of servers and provides services for only a few. It is a very fast and rapid working site and is equipped to handle heavy online traffic and avoids the sites from crashing down, saving the business hours. Their page loading speed is also very fast and reliable.

It has a very strict policy regarding the safety and security of the customer’s data and provides free and automatic backup services to avoid any mishappenings. It is among the most expensive web hosting services available, and might not be within the reach of small businesses. Like most good companies, they offer a high uptime value, with as high as 99.99% uptime without traffic. They have a 2 month refund policy on all their plans and offer stress free money back guarantee.

They also provide free CDn services for global storage of data in the servers and a free SSL certificate to vouch for their ethical functioning. They include monthly and yearly renewal plans with slight renewal charges. Unlike other companies recommended, they offer a limited bandwidth and storage facility despite their high pricings. They also have a limitation on the number of visitors allowed on the site per hour.

7. Flywheel 

Flywheel is one of the most applauded and commonly used web hosting spaces of all time and has a large reputation to maintain. It offers a very dependable source of hosting programs. They provide hosting services for WordPress and are recommended by WordPres  as one of the best choices one can make from. They prioritize the security and protection of the client and offer frequent automatic backup of all data. They are prepared to handle all sports of data leak or breach and handle it very professionally. As per their large appeal, they use an extremely user friendly operating system and site designing to optimise the use of e-commerce to increase trade.

Their homepage is very easy to navigate through, and offers relief to beginners. It has an impeccable support system to its credit which is efficient and quick to work. They not only offer customer support through live chat, emails and phone calls but also actively use their social media handle to solve queries of the customers. They offer thorough and researched answers to all problems and handle any inconvenience very gracefully. They offer round the clock support through a team of specialists.

They also provide general guidelines to assist the customer in the beginning, though their site and via their app. They offer free CDN global storage facility as a part of their disaster management plan and are highly recommended by search engines including Google. They offer a very high page loading and site tracking speed and offer a commendable uptime as well, reaching up to 99.99% at its best. They also provide a free SSl certificate and are authorised by Google as a safe to use hosting service.

They offer slightly expensive services as compared to the rival companies and offer a separate plan for freelancing clients as well, keeping in mind the unpredictable nature of businesses. They offer high level features and charge handsomely for the same, but their protection policies and ever improving services make them a tough competition in the market.

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