Bill Gates shows no interest in Crypto Currencies

There exist many crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, NEM, Ethereum and many others.

Most of the people only know about Bitcoin as it is trending crypto currency with 1 Bitcoin value up to 10,894$. Value will never be constant and keeps on changing.

The main advantage with crypto currency is its anonymity. In general, all the transactions are logged. But in transactions with crypto currencies, nothing can be observed.

Bill Gates shows no interest in Crypto Currencies

This has resulted in buying illegal goods, drugs and this is opposed by Bill Gates. Even the additional money earned through illegal means can be used to buy crypto which further complicates the problem.

Bitcoin transactions have become regular and IRS has been trying to track bitcoin transactions with the help of experts. One more disadvantage according to Bill Gates is that with more usage of crypto currencies, tax evasions, money laundering, funding terrorists and many as such activities will grow in number. This is bad for economy.

Tracking of transactions is not possible. Not only Bill Gates but Mark Zuckerberg stated to analyze both the positive and negative aspects of crypto currencies.

One of the successful business man Warren Buffet also warned to better not to invest in Crypto currencies. Bill Gates is known for his works on solving the issues with poverty and diseases.

Gates was asked a question on whether he would be interested in presidential elections and Gates has a different opinion. He believes that more can be done to society with foundations rather than being in government.

Bill Gates was not meant to state negatively but as a matter of fact, there exists less complexity for doing works through foundations.

The other areas of interest for Bill Gates include virtual assistant software and robotics. Microsoft started its work for developing a helpful assistant which can understand queries and respond with higher probability of success like humans.

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