Best Life Size Knight Statue / Statues – Top Rated List

If you ever think about the mediaeval era, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Knights, the metal armours, swords, blood baths and so on. Right?

But did you know that it was not at all easy to become a knight in early days? In order to become a knight, one had to to belong from a royal family, have blue blood connections or pass through a series of challenges, if you were a commoner. 

That being said, there are a lot of enthusiasts who love collecting things belonging from the mediaeval period and if you are someone who is a collector, stay hooked, this article might fascinate you. In this article, we have got you a rundown of the best life size knight statues.

Let us dive right into it!

Knight Life-Size Mediaeval Armour Statue Sword

Best Life Size Knight Statue / Statues is a very prominent name when it comes to equipping their clients with a multitude of statues, sculptures, figurines and so on. 

The site has classified its products into various segments. It assists with very seamlessly choosing the product which you need. And since you are keen on getting a life-size knight statue, is just the place for you.

This knight statue is made keeping the 1:1 ratio in mind and stands tall at 69.5 inches with very gorgeous details. You can easily make a fool out of people by making people believe that it is an actual knight armour.

Be that as it may, the material used in making this one is not steel or metal. To make the statue light and to give it a good durability, the makers have used high-grade resin. In all honesty, the armour looks very realistic.

The craftsmanship of this life-sized armour is pretty marvellous. It looks a lot of like a knight’s armour. Everything is handmade and hand-painted. Faux silver, pewter and gold paints are used to give the statue the metal-like look and the gold paint gives it a luxurious touch.

The head gear looks damn realistic too. Not just that, there is even a moving hinge that helps in opening the cap. This life size knight statue weighs around 64 pounds and has a sword detailing which gives it the perfect vintage aesthetic.

Life-Size Knight Statue

This statue of a knight is tall and bulky. It weighs around. 60 kilos and stands around 2 metres tall. The face of the knight is visible through the tiny openings in the helmet. Not just that, the design of the statue matches exactly to that of the knights in the mediaeval periods.

The artists have used fibreglass along with metals to build this breathtaking statue of knight. It is holding a sword in one hand while holding a shield in another. 

The cap includes a red-fibre profusion that gives the knight a pretty regal look. It will be an ideal fit for an archaic themed occasion.

Knight Mediaeval Statue

The name of the following website is a hint enough, honestly. This life size knight statue is from a site named 

It is a renowned site to buy one of a kind statues of different types. This life-size knight statue certainly looks and matches the aesthetics of an armour-clad warrior.

You will not be able to see the face because of the shut cap. This statue is about 200 centimetres in height and weighs more than 19 kilos. 

Like a tonne of different statues on the rundown, this one is built using resins fused with fibreglass. It not only improves the quality of the statue but also helps in enhancing its beauty.

All the materials used for making this life size knight statue are of high quality and hand-painted. The details on this statue are very minute and worth noticing. 

Assuming you need your life-size knight statue to have a sword then this one is not the one that you should opt for. The hands of this statue are vacant. 

However, assuming you are looking for a life size, real looking knight statue for your space, this surely should be the one in your cart. It is a hearty statue. You can even keep it outdoors after applying a thin layer of varnish to increase its life.

Mediaeval Knight of the Round Table Life-Size Statue

This very life size knight statue comes with an actual knight, of course not a human knight but you get our point. 

Indeed, not at all like the statues which have closed helmets or have been mounted on museum mount this statue is of a knight which is clad in a mediaeval-like shield. It is an extraordinary piece of art that catches the eye of many.

The facial features of the knight also have very beautiful detailing. This knight comes wearing a sparkling Italian-style armour that looks ravishing. Also, the chain mail armour adds to the charm of this life-size knight statue.

We are left spellbound by the craftsmanship of this knight statue. The statue is built using resin and fibreglass which makes it very sturdy and long-lasting. 

The armour looks like metal, all thanks to the geniuses who made it. The gold-coloured accents add to its beauty. And the sword that comes along makes the statue look rugged and sort of adds a sense of power and pride to the whole statue.

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This statue is very nearly 6 feet tall and the base falls only an inch short and it weighs 52 pounds. 

Any person who is hoping to add in a charm to their room or store or office with archaic themed artwork, this statue is worth splurging on. The knight is a masculine figure.

Knight with Sword Life-size Suit of Armour Statue is the next seller on our list. On the off chance that you like statues, sculptures, puppets and other home decor things then this site should be under your radar. 

You can get your hands on pretty cool stuff related to dragons, pixies, Celtic and Norse, Greco Roman and so on.

And is also where you can get your hands on a life size knight statue and add a charm to your place.

This statue looks pretty astounding primarily due to the very realistic look and the detailing on it. It stands tall at 6 feets and weighs around 75 pounds.

The gold accents and metallic detailing on this life size knight statue give it a very luxurious touch and pleases the eyes of the viewers. 

This statue is made using cold cast resins, fibreglass and wood to support the resin to make it more sturdy.

The statue is meant to be kept indoors, the harsh sunlight might fade the paint. and not just that, it might also damage the armour.

Assuming that you have an archaic themed room, office or lobby, then it is an ideal fit. The statue also has a delightful sword which has beautiful gold detailing.

Mediaeval Knight With Axe Life Size Statue

The following statue is yet another life size knight statue that resembles completely with the knights from the mediaeval era. It is a 6 feet tall statue with stunning details and weighs around 80 pounds.

The statue actually looks like a knight going for a war. European armours are known for their strength and look magnificent, indeed.

One of the most remarkable elements of this statue is the moveable weapons. It is holding a sturdy looking battle axe in one hand while the other is holding a shield.

The shield has a carving of a lion on it that represents strength. This statue is made in the Philippines and is totally hand made and hand painted. Also, this life size knight statue is made of high-quality resins and is long lasting.

Assuming that you have an inclination towards mediaeval-age articles, this life size knight statue is the thing for you. 

Knight’s Guard Mediaeval Armour Statue

Wayfair is an eCommerce store that sells one of a kind products to add value to your home, office or any corner of your space. Design Toscano is the mastermind behind this statue and it looks simply marvellous. The detail on the outer layer of the armour is pretty astounding. It will be an ideal stylistic item, if you are into archaic stuff.

One must keep in mind that you cannot wear this armour as a costume or anything but it looks pretty realistic. 

The material used to make this piece of art is high-grade resin fused with crushed stones. They have painted it using a silver colour and added a charm to it by highlighting the accents using a gold colour. 

This life size knight statue is attached to a museum mount and it helps in making the display a lot more easy. Also, did we forget to mention the fact that this armour comes with a ravishing sword which adds the war feel to the statue? 

For people who have a knack for mediaeval period and collectibles will surely love this life size knight statue by Wayfair.

XoticBrands Classic Life Size Knight Statue

Assuming you are into life-size armours from the olden times, then this statue may intrigue you. The design looks like that of sixteenth-century Italian armour. Unlike other statues in this rundown, you can actually wear this armour. Isn’t that amazing?

The statue is made using 18 gauge steel. It also has metal accents on it which add to the beauty of it.

The armour is of a standard size and wearable, accompanying a pretty dope looking helmet. The whole vibe of the armour is of the sixteenth century and resembles a lot to the armours that were used back then. 

You also get a halberd to pair with this armour. The dope-looking weapon which fills in as a battleaxe and a spare makes this life-size knight statue even more appealing, honestly.

The complete height of the protective layer is around 7ft. Assuming you do not want it as an art piece and want to wear it then, at that point, you can get in touch with the company and they can help you in getting it done in your size.

With that, we have come to an end of our article and we hope that this article helps you in picking the best life size knight statue available in the market as of now. 

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